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Jeremy Hunt announces £3.4bn to go to the NHS in Spring Budget 2024

In the Chancellor of the Exchequer’s 2024 Spring Budget, a significant cash injection is to be allocated to the NHS with a strong focus on technology for productivity and efficiency.
| Heather Lowery | Healthcare

On Wednesday 6th March 2024, Chancellor of the Exchequer Jeremy Hunt presented his Spring budget in Parliament in which he pledged a £3.4bn cash injection into the NHS with a significant focus on transforming outdated digital systems to increase productivity.

The chancellor has encouraged NHS Trusts to move towards using the latest technology to improve efficiencies, targeting a 1.9% productivity increase per year. For patient-facing technology, this includes the NHS app to request repeat prescriptions and manage appointments as well as virtual wards to allow patients to recover at home. Additionally, developing the use of AI to automate time-consuming tasks is also a priority.

However, health policy experts say that this investment won’t be much help against creeping costs and ever-increasing backlogs that healthcare providers face. The development of these technologies may also take time – something that is not in abundance in healthcare. Despite the intentions behind the budget and the focus on efficiency-producing technology, these experts say that it will take time to see significant productivity gains.

Improving Efficiencies in Healthcare

So, what digital systems can healthcare providers use to improve their productivity straight away?

Taking the focus on using the latest technology to increase productivity, healthcare providers can take a close look at the digital systems they are currently using and decide whether they can be updated to improve efficiency.

InPhase has a company-wide commitment to “drive significant efficiencies in clinical and non-clinical professional time” with its modern patient safety, assurance and audit systems.

InPhase’s data capture forms for audits or incident reporting are 45% faster than other digital systems, enabling healthcare providers to unlock an average of 10,000 additional hours per year.

Driving this further, InPhase recently announced our Time Optimisation Programme as part of our 2024 innovation initiatives.

In March 2024, InPhase welcomed the addition of its 50th NHS Trust, which is strong evidence that our commitment to give doctors and nurses across the UK millions of hours back to spend with their patients is already being adopted across a large swathe of healthcare providers.

InPhase has also announced a new Primary Care App with the creation of a specialised App designed specifically for Primary Care organisations that enables them to unlock efficiencies in GP settings.

To find out how InPhase can help improve productivity and efficiency in your organisation, in addition to reducing costs and giving you back thousands of hours annually, schedule your time with an InPhase expert today.

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