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Feedback App

Manage Complaints, Compliments and PALS. Listen, identify, improve.

The Feedback app centralises feedback, including complaints, compliments, and PALS, to streamline feedback management, ensure a timely response and shorten resolution cycles. An easy-to-use form can be embedded in your public-facing website that is quick and straightforward for NHS Trusts, Emergency Services, Primary Care, Care Homes, Private Healthcare Services, Councils and Local Authorities to collect feedback. Integrate feedback with other apps, like incidents, risk, claims, NICE, CQC self-assessments and more for robust data analysis and evidence-based decision-making. Celebrate success and address concerns effectively with a comprehensive feedback management solution.

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Intelligent Workflows
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Built-In Dashboards
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Full Action Management
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Datasheet Download

A free Feedback App PDF datasheet for you to take away.

Save time and give people a great experience.

Make feedback collection simple and as stress-free as possible with an easy-to-use feedback form to quickly capture everything needed for a complaint or compliment. The form can be linked from your public website that submits directly into your system for you to see immediately, saving time on data input or risk of missing feedback submitted altogether!

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Shorten resolution cycles.

One system to manage feedback from start to finish, with complaints, compliments, and PALS that handles the legwork in keeping you informed and helping you make faster and better decisions in resolving complaints or promoting success.

Quickly and easily create actions that link to specific feedback and see what the action is in response to, as well as what it impacts. Get a detailed look at all actions related to a piece of feedback that are happening, including the progress of the action, the due date and who is responsible for it. Add commentary to feedback and actions to build a more comprehensive narrative.

Improved oversight of feedback in real-time.

With the help of intelligent notifications and comprehensive, at-a-glance dashboards that update in real-time, users can see feedback as it comes in and be alerted to any updates that trigger the appropriate response. Understand the status and progress of all complaints and compliments received and significantly reduce the risk of losing complaints, ensuring all feedback is dealt with as swiftly as possible.

More impactful changes.

Seamlessly integrate Feedback with other Apps, such as CQC Quality, NICE, Incidents, Risks, Audits, planning, performance, projects and more for full data triangulation to improve data analysis and strengthen decision making.

Know and evidence people’s experience.

Evidence strong and effective handling of complaints, and evidence compliments, for the new CQC single assessment framework remote inspections.

Key Features

NHSi well led automation

Centralised Feedback

Complaints, compliments, friends and family and PALS in one place for streamlined feedback management.

CQC Recognition

Easily evidence compliments and complaints along with their improvement action plans against the new CQC Single Assessment Framework.
Managing audits in healthcare

Super Simple Forms

A really easy form that can be easily linked to from your patient-facing website that is quick and straightforward for someone to fill out.

Proactive Workflows

Customise the workflow process for feedback to ensure that you follow your guidelines for feedback responses at get complaints into the hands of who needs to handel them, fast.

K041 Export for NHS

What used to be days or weeks in reporting, K041 reports can now be completed in minutes with a quick and easy export.

Intelligent Notifications

Stay in the know of new feedback with smart email notifications that alert the user to ensure a timely response to feedback.

Action Management

End-to-end action tracking and management to ensure what needs to be done to improve, gets done. All linked directly to the complaint or feedback they are related to.

Intelligent Built-In Reports

Includes a full reporting suite out-of-the-box to give you real-time analytics against all your feedback from the moment you switch the app on.


  • One, single place to manage feedback from complaints, compliments and PALS for quick and simple review and the ability to celebrate success where we see it.
  • Fast Forms that run at lightning speed across any device make logging a compliment or complaint faster, easier and a better experience.
  • Intelligent workflows and notifications that make sure complaints and compliments always get to the right person.
  • Built-in and customisable dashboards for all managers to quickly understand and identify trends in feedback, all out-of-the-box.
  • Triangulate feedback with incidents, policies and quality data to align improvement plans and key actions.

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