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InPhase unveils its 2024 innovation initiatives for health and social care across the UK.

InPhase, a market-leading UK provider of patient safety and assurance software, reveals its 2024 Time Optimisation Programme to drive efficiencies in healthcare.
team set up around a table using new InPhase time optimisation tools
| Aden Maine | Healthcare

InPhase, a market-leading UK provider of patient safety and assurance software with an impressive 25% and growing market share across NHS Trusts, has announced its company-wide prioritisation to “drive significant efficiencies in clinical and non-clinical health professional time.”

The 2024 “Time Optimisation Programme” (TOP) builds on the company’s ability to tap into user’s needs, having already achieved an incredibly easy user interface and demystifying incident, audits, complaints, and compliance especially for front line staff.

The new TOP will focus on 3 key strands:

  1. product design, including machine-based prioritisation of incidents so users will know which issues and incidents need the highest (or lowest) levels of detail
  2. automatically integrating data from third party systems and even hardware devices automatically producing audits, reports, data sets and even action plans
  3. Customer Intimacy, leveraging years of healthcare, business, and compliance specialisation, embedding it into the software so users have built in support and expertise.

Robert Hobbs, CEO who has guided InPhase through the last 3 years of incredible growth and partnerships sees that...

“This year’s TOP strategic initiative will cement our position as a market leader in healthcare incident, quality, and compliance. We understand how valuable that extra 5-10 minutes of time is to every nurse and clinician. It’s time holding someone’s hand, or double checking the right medication is given or even just taking a breath on a particularly difficult day. Our aim is to guarantee software that creates quantifiable benefits, an amazing user experience and of course, a real difference to staff and patient alike.”

Robert Hobbs, CEO - InPhase

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