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East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust to improve patient safety with LFPSE Incident Oversight from InPhase.

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| Robert Hobbs | InPhase News

With the announcement by NHS England that all healthcare providers must have a Learn from Patient Safety Event (LFPSE) compliant incident reporting system by 31st March 2023, Incident Oversight from InPhase became one of the leading LFPSE certified solutions for all NHS Trusts.

East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust were one of the first to select the new LFPSE compliant Incident Oversight app from InPhase, to aid their continuous improvements to patient safety. The move to InPhase allows for complete oversight of the Trust.

Incident Oversight will be one of eight triangulated Oversight apps implemented, bringing advanced insight and foresight by harnessing the ability to triangulate data within the InPhase apps selected including Risk Management, Audits, CQC and NICE guidelines Audit life-cycle, Policy and CAS compliance, performance management and improvement, and Board Assurance Framework.

Chief Nurse and Director of Infection Prevention & Control, Rachael Corser spoke about her decision to implement the Oversight suite including the new Incident Oversight reporting system for East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust. When asked what solidified her decision, she said:

“With Oversight everything will be in one place, meaning we don’t need to pull data about the quality of care from multiple different sources.”

Rachael went on to add

“Oversight is easy for you. Real-time, single clicks, complete visibility, easy access. .. It’s real-time. That’s what I want”

Incident Oversight streamlines and simplifies the incident reporting process. The intuitive data capture form pre-empts the user’s needs based on previously inputted data, eliminating the need for time wasting searching for relevant questions, saving time and effort. It’s compatible with any device, including mobile, tablet and desktop, for ease of use delivering cloud technology to work alongside you.

With easy migration and support from InPhase experts all records from your previous incident system moves across easily.

NHS England announced that all healthcare providers must have migrated to a Learn from Patient Safety Events (LFPSE) compliant system for incident reporting by 31 March 2023, in a ‘once-in-20-years’ nationwide upgrade to incident reporting and improvements to patient safety. Incident Oversight automates uploading to the national system in real-time as well as giving Trusts and healthcare providers immediate analysis to data surrounding risks to patient wellbeing.

InPhase would like to say thank you to East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust for choosing InPhase to help them transform their digital systems and work towards their goals of exceptional patient care, as well as to Rachael Corser for talking to InPhase about her decision.

To have the same experience as East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust, schedule time with one of InPhase’s experts to find out more about how LSFPSE compliant Incident Oversight could transform your incident reporting and in conjunction with our other triangulated Oversight apps, transform your organisation.

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