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East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust

East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust focuses on high-quality, compassionate services, financially and clinically sustainable practices and a simple, reliable experience for patients and staff. Patient care and continuous improvement are at the forefront of their methodology. The Trust runs four hospitals providing support for around 500,000 people in their community with the enthusiastic help of about 6,500 staff members.

Find out how East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust will use Incident Oversight from InPhase, the new NHS England certified LFPSE incident system to continue to work towards their goals, how it will aid them in implementing their core values of patient care and easy, robust processes to manage the large community that looks to them for help.

Rachael Corser - Chief Nurse and Director of Infection Prevention & Control

"With Oversight everything will be in one place, meaning we don’t need to pull data about the quality of care from multiple different sources."

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Case Study

After the announcement from NHS England that all Trusts and healthcare providers must have an LFPSE (Learning from Patient Safety Events) compliant incident reporting system that will replace the current NRLS (National Reporting and Learning System) by March 31st 2023, East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust chose to upgrade their current system early. InPhase was lucky enough to talk to Rachael Corser, Chief Nurse and Director of Infection Prevention & Control at East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust about the decision to migrate to InPhase shortly after the NHS England certification of Incident Oversight.

Having used their previous system for several years, we started by asking Rachael what was the trigger that inspired the software change.

She told us:

“With Oversight everything will be in one place, meaning we don’t need to pull data about the quality of care from multiple different sources.

“I want to know ‘what wards am I worried about?’ or ‘what ward is doing particularly well?’ and previously we’d have to pull that data from multiple sources. So, I would walk onto – say, my elderly care ward – and, to get a sense of how things are, I’d go in to get my gut intuition. But for me to know, ‘what are the patients telling me?’ I’d have to look at multiple sources for complaints, compliments, Patient Advice and Liaison, and Friends and Family test feedback. Just thinking about patient experience, that’s one scenario. Then I try and collate that with ‘what are the staff telling me?’ how does that feel? And then, in real-time, ‘how many falls have I had this week? How many infections have I had this week? When are my obs being delayed? What’s staffing like?’ – all of this is on different systems. And I don’t have a single way of having a heat map.”

InPhase’s triangulated systems give a unique perspective that isn’t available elsewhere. As we can see from Rachael’s main concerns, Trusts are looking for a way to get triangulated oversight of their services to understand better which areas need improvement and which ones are excelling. Incident Oversight from InPhase provides comprehensive triangulated visibility, eliminating the need to pull data from multiple sources and saving staff vast amounts of time.

As well as the main trigger, we wanted to know what made Incident Oversight the right choice for East and North Hertfordshire: what were the factors in the decision-making process that solidified the selection of Oversight.

Rachael told us:

“It’s easy for you. Real-time, single clicks, complete visibility, easy access. You know, I don’t want to log on to a system where I’ve got to put in 35 different passwords I can never remember in whatever device I’m using, whether it’s my iPad, my laptop, my iPhone, a desktop that belongs to the hospital. It’s real-time. That’s what I want.”

With Incident Oversight from InPhase, the data you need is never more than a click away. Quickly triangulate data, clearly and visually, from any of InPhase’s 20 state-of-the-art health apps or other vendor’s systems. Oversight’s Microsoft 365 add-in even removes gruelling copy-and-paste situations. InPhase turns arduous, deficient incident reporting into effortless, efficient solutions that provide triangulated assurance including integrated outcomes, risks, audits, projects, controls and actions.

Finally, Rachael shared her view with us on how she wants to see Oversight improve safety and assurance for the Trust...

“So my dream is, and I’ll feel I’ve cracked my job when a ward leader will come up to me and say ‘I’ve been looking at Oversight and I’m really worried about what’s been happening over the last two weeks because I’ve not had my junior sister on..’ or ‘I’ve had three more staff off sick this week and because I’ve relied more on temporary workers, I’ve got more delays in medication, my medication has been delayed, my observations have been delayed’ and what they then can do is start to predict what will happen. Therefore, they can say ‘and I know that’s going to lead to complaints so what I’m going to do is be more proactive in communicating with my patients on discharge to make sure they know what they need when they go home.’ ”

Oversight enables triangulated visibility. Through integration across all InPhase apps and also health systems from other suppliers, including Datix, Perfect Ward, EPR, data warehouses and many others, staff can see problems, trends and exceptions and predict future events and create actions to prevent further issues.

Incident Oversight will transform the digital landscape of ENH NHS Trust, saving time, money and resources, allowing for better preparation, risk management, action assurance and incident reporting.

Incident Oversight will enable East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust to continue to work towards their goals, following their core ethos of exceptional patient care with an intuitive data capture form that pre-empts needs and automated uploading of risk and incidents to the LFPSE system to contribute to learning surrounding patient safety and the change of standard practice that endangers patients. Oversight is a cost-effective solution for incident reporting with easy-to-use features that work instinctively with its users for a robust and reliable system.

InPhase would like to thank East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust for partnering with us to achieve their digital goals and transform their patient care and to Rachael Corser for taking the time to talk to us.

Schedule time with one of our experts today for more information about Incident Oversight and how it can help your Trust transition to LFPSE.

East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust

Find out why East and North Hertfordshire NHS trust chose to switch to Incident Oversight from InPhase to support their future LFPSE requirements and improvement goals.

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