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How triangulation of Quality, Audits and Incidents elevate oversight, insight and foresight

One integrated solution: Quality, Audits and Incidents. One place, one system and one version of the truth.
  • 60 Minutes
  • Healthcare Services
  • Triangulation and Integration

Following the recent addition of 6 more NHS Foundation Trusts to the InPhase community last month, this free web conference will uncover the reasons behind why more Trusts are favouring triangulated assurance. You’ll find out how triangulation of Quality, Audit and Incidents come together to create a transformational single digital system.

You will learn how the integration of Quality, Audits and Incidents is the best support for your continuous improvement work, as well as what the ideal system looks like using the Oversight Suite as an example showcasing an exclusive look at some of the effortless and time-saving features.

Your hosts:

Paul Clinton

Chief Solutions Officer, InPhase

InPhase’s Chief Solutions Officer, Paul has vast expertise in healthcare, NHS, independent providers and social care, from practical experience and implementations of dozens of healthcare systems over the past decade. Leading the design and integration of solutions today using the InPhase suite with unparalleled knowledge.

This exclusive conference covers these key areas:

  • How triangulation of Quality, Audits and Incidents will elevate the way you use your data
  • How to save both clinical and non-clinical time, as well as have a considerable financial impact, by using one system with one version of the truth
  • Rapid and intelligent workflows to ensure aligned actions get completed and their impacts are visible to encourage and engage teams
  • How real-time triangulation delivers better oversight, insight and foresight to make sure what needs to get done is done
  • How to take advantage of the upcoming LFPSE upgrade to maximise improvement

Fancy a closer look?

Explore the full InPhase Oversight suite of apps with our amazing success team.