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How to change the culture of regulation in your organisation? - Video

1 Hour | Health Services | Senior Management
In this 60 minute webinar our healthcare team, you'll learn how you can combat the fear of regulation and turn it into a performance improvement culture.

The healthcare sector is heavily regulated and with entities such as the CQC and Monitor, there is often a fear factor associated with regulation.

But how hard is it to maintain and adhere to that culture when faced by regulatory requirements such as inspections, improvement initiatives or corporate reporting.

During this webinar we explore this topic and discuss how you can change the culture of regulation. For example do you report by exception or the exceptional? Are systems in place to ensure that day to day activity is captured regularly and used as evidence for inspections? Are you focused on the outcome more than the process? Do employees see inspections as an opportunity to shine or look to see what they can hide?

We'll aim to show you:

  • How do you change the culture of regulation in your organisation
  • How technology can assist with change
  • How do you balance the best practise and actual performance
  • How to make the review/inspection process easier for people
  • Why how you report results are important - it's not about focusing on poor results but the good too!
  • How to lift people up after a poor inspection (we were good but we just didn’t show how good we are, let's show how)