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The Annual HSJ Patient Safety Congress 2022: LFPSE becomes a Trust Priority.

Patient-safety passion, star-studded speakers and a bustling InPhase stand.
inphase team at the HSJ patient saefty congress at the stand with customers
| Heather Lowery | Press Releases

The Annual HSJ Patient Safety Congress came to a close on Tuesday 25th October 2022. We were honoured to partner with HSJ to bring attention to the importance of improving patient safety systems and how Trusts can maximise the benefits of the LFPSE (Learn from Patient Safety Events) upgrade.

Our time at the Congress was incredible. As well as hosting an amazing speaker’s panel with our guests NHS England and County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust, we got to speak to so many of you. Our experts Andrew Bingham, Tom Osborne, Bijan Azar, Alistair Brown and our CEO and lead visionary Robert Hobbs loved the conversations they had about LFPSE and Oversight from InPhase.

Now we’ve had time to decompress after a very interesting, informative and intense couple of days, let’s have a quick run down of the Congress.

Star-studded speaker’s slots.

The Congress brought together healthcare providers and suppliers across the UK to discuss how we can work together to improve patient safety and care as well as support learning and improvement work across the board.

Our own Robert Hobbs led a national update patient-safety focused panel to talk about the benefits of LFPSE and how you can successfully manage the transition. Our NHS England guests, Marcos Manhaes, Head of LFPSE Patient Safety, and Lucie Mussett, Patient Safety Lead, Senior Project Manager LFPSE joined us virtually. Warren Edge, Senior Associate Director of Assurance and Compliance at County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust joined Robert on stage.

Marcos Manhaes Head of LFPSE, Lucie Mussett Senior product manager NHS England and Robert Hobbs CEO InPhase at HSJ patient saefty congress

Together, we discussed the benefits that LFPSE will bring to Trusts including better learning and improvement opportunities, saving clinical and non-clinical time as well as relieving financial pressures by reducing costs. We talked about how LFPSE will help healthcare providers both locally and nationally as well as how triangulation of incident data with other key care quality information can maximise improvement and learning. Warren was instrumental in this side of the discussion, with County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust having implemented InPhase Oversight for triangulation of incident, ward audit, clinical audit, NICE guidance and workforce information.

Very importantly, we talked about the importance of rapid LFPSE adoption and what the recently announced change of deadline by NHS England means for your Trust.

You can see what Marcos and Lucie had to say in our conversation with them, now available to watch on-demand.

Lots of smiles at the InPhase stand!

Our experts also manned a stand through the two days at the congress. Robert’s talk with guests NHS England and County Durham and Darlington brought a lot of people over to us to talk about things in more detail.

Our team loved talking to you all about LFPSE and how Oversight from InPhase can make a real difference to your incident management. Our Fast-Forms feature makes incident reporting up to 45% faster than alternative LFPSE systems, which could save your Trust a staggering amount of clinical and non-clinical time!

Alistair talking to people at the stand at HSJ patient saefty congress

We also heard some concern about migration, mainly what would happen to old incident data recorded in NRLS legacy systems and reservations about having to maintain an old system as well as a new system. Andrew, Tom, Bijan, Alistair and Robert were happy to tell people that Oversight from InPhase supports rapid migration of all historical data to provide one place, one system and one truth.

With Oversight, there is no need to continue to run legacy systems in the background. All data migrates to your new LFPSE system and can integrate with other key care quality indicators like ward audits, clinical audits, quality, CQC, NICE, policies, and more.

Get ahead of NHS England's LFPSE deadline.

If you want to make rapid progress on LFPSE and be confident of meeting all deadlines we still have plenty of capacity for your migration. Remember – NHS England have allowed for a six-month testing, refinement and customisation phase of the system, meaning Trusts have that time to adapt their system. However, there is no change to the March 2023 deadline to have the system in place.

This means that it’s crucial for you to decide on which system you are going to use as your new LFPSE system. Rapid procurement, implementation and migration are the order of the day, so the sooner you make your choice, the better.

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