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InPhase + HSJ work together to improve patient safety systems.

InPhase is partnering with the Health Service Journal to bring attention to the importance of improving patient safety systems.
InPhase incident management advertorial on the hsj website
| Heather Lowery | InPhase News

With the deadline to switch to an LFPSE (Learn from Patient Safety Events) compliant system before March 2023 just 4 months away, it’s crucial that Trusts begin to look for a new incident reporting system now.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: NHS England's recent announcement of a change to the LFPSE deadline means Trusts now have an optional 6-month extension to September 2023 for testing, refinement and customisation of the new system. However, you are still required to have an LFPSE system in place by 31st March 2023.

That’s why InPhase is working with the Health Service Journal (HSJ) to bring this critical issue to every hospital manager's attention. We are delighted to be working with healthcare's most prolific journals to bring attention to the importance of having an LFPSE incident reporting system in place and to discuss Incident Oversight – the new generation of incident reporting software.

Find out how Trusts are taking advantage of the upgrade in incident reporting software. In this article, you will hear from InPhase’s own founder, Robert Hobbs, as he takes you through how Oversight supports Trusts in providing excellent patient safety and care, all whilst taking up less time and resources.

Uncover what makes Incident Oversight stand out in comparison to previous incident reporting software, as well as access to an exclusive recording of NHS England and Country Durham and Darlington NHS Trust in conversation with InPhase discussing the LFPSE updates, how Trusts can make the most of the transition and real-life implementation advice from County Durham and Darlington.

You will also hear what our current users have to say about the results they’ve experienced with Oversight. Discover what they have to say about the positive changes it’s made on their Trusts as well as cultural shifts that help them continuously work towards improvement and a commitment to quality.

The new Incident Oversight can help teams identify trends, exceptions and problem hot spots faster, improve local analysis and enable staff to quickly plan, deliver and track assured actions with more confidence.

Read more over on the HSJ website!

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