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Breaking news! The Incident Oversight app from InPhase is LFPSE certified!

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| Robert Hobbs | InPhase News

Breaking news! InPhase has become one of only four official NHS certified suppliers of LFPSE (Learn from Patient Safety Events) incident reporting solutions for all sizes of NHS and independent hospitals and healthcare providers. With NHS Trusts and other healthcare providers being required to migrate to an LFPSE compliant system within the next year, find out what is different about an LFPSE system, why you need to migrate to a supported system and how it is expected to transform patient safety and care.

Following the announcement today from NHS England and Improvement that all NHS Trusts and healthcare service providers must change to using an LFPSE (Learn from Patient Safety Events) certified system within the next 12 months, the InPhase team are delighted to announce that we have launched a new, modern solution available alongside long-standing well-known incident reporting systems and become one of only four suppliers of an LFPSE certified patient safety incident reporting solution recommended for all sizes of NHS and independent healthcare providers.

The LFPSE system is replacing the previous National Reporting and Learning System (NRLS) in the coming 12 months, requiring all NHS Trusts and healthcare providers to ensure that their staff and patient safety adverse event reporting system is LFPSE compatible to correctly record incidents, increase learning and help improve patient safety and care. The LFPSE is a significant overhaul and upgrade in patient safety and care improvement across the NHS and broader UK healthcare landscape, capturing four different types of events: incidents, risks, outcomes, and good care.

According to NHS England and Improvement, the new LFPSE service will improve learning surrounding patient safety, benefiting from one central database where information relating to over 2 million incidents annually will be uploaded from individual Trusts and healthcare providers with easily accessible data to support both local and national improvement work.

Who are InPhase?

We are InPhase: delivering performance and assurance systems since 1991. Our software has helped improve the performance, safety, assurance and outcomes for hundreds of high-reliability organisations in the UK to their next level.

The new Incident Oversight app is added to our Oversight suite of more than 20 triangulated healthcare apps. Other triangulated apps include Quality Oversight for compliance assurance with CQC, NICE, CAS and a new Audit Oversight system for faster audit and checklist data capture and analysis.

InPhase creates excellent software with all users in mind.

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What is LFPSE?

LFPSE is the new Learning from Patient Safety Events service, replacing the National Reporting and Learning System (NRLS) and the Strategic Executive Information System (StEIS). All healthcare incidents, risks, outcomes, and good care reporting to the NHSEI must be begin to be submitted on an LFPSE compatible system by 23 March 2023.

LFPSE is an revised approach that highlights common issues, risks and problems locally or nationally. It inspires action, such as identifying a bad blood batch from transfusions and taking it out of action or alerting a need to change cleaning processes to avoid injuries.

The new system aims to enhance data collection relating to incidents, aid learning, contribute to improving work, and support staff from all healthcare sectors to improve patient safety, care and outcomes.

Organisations can upload incident reports directly to the LFPSE system through an automated process from their local risk management and incident system that saves time and effort. Incident Oversight from InPhase will enable Trusts and healthcare providers to support local and national improvement efforts and gain greater insight into the issues affecting staff, patients, and processes.

Why is the change necessary?

Accessible data.

For the UK’s healthcare system to improve nationally, it’s crucial that every provider, both NHS and independent, can upload their incident reporting to a centralised database. This ensures that vital data patterns regarding patient safety, incidents and processes are identified more quickly without wasting time pulling data together and collating it from multiple sources.

It prevents further harm.

It’s necessary to analyse data from incidents to help prevent future harm to patients or staff. Whilst incident reporting is voluntary, all NHS Trusts and registered healthcare providers subscribe to the national system. It is appreciated as crucial for all healthcare providers to get on board with regular reporting to further learning and improve patient safety and care.

A more robust modern system.

Systems that are relied upon for something as important as healthcare must be fit for their current purpose and robust enough to support the influx and analysis of vast amounts of daily data. A system that is slow in use is not beneficial as it diminishes user engagement and leads to less reporting. This in turn leads to more instances of avoidable harm, as well as wasting time and resources as staff battle with unresponsive technology that puts them off reporting voluntary information in the future.

Incident Oversight is designed with the user in mind, being especially easy and quick to use, creating a culture of action, efficiency and effectiveness and improving organisational competence, giving the best return on investment.

Automated uploading

By summer 2022, the new system will also automate StEIS reporting of serious incidents, eliminating the need for double entry and dual submissions, making the capture and reporting process even more effective and efficient.

What makes InPhase’s Incident Oversight the best new local risk and incident system available?

Made for the user – InPhase systems are designed with all users in mind.

A key factor in Incident Oversight is its quick, efficient and effective data capture, including accessibility on any desktop or mobile device. Event recording has never been more straightforward, with an intuitive data capture form that pre-empts your following needs based on the information it receives, eliminating the need for endless scrolling to find relevant questions making entry up to 4 times faster than some other available options.

Robust and friendly reporting analysis gives managers the information in real-time with complete oversight and transparency. Instant analysis of local events by type, speciality, unit, severity, stage, and trend and triangulation with other information, including audits and compliance assurance information, in real-time improves insight and oversight.

Oversight helps with the continuous quality improvement of patient safety and outcomes by triangulating data clearly and visually from other InPhase apps or even other vendors’ healthcare systems, giving more insight into current and potential issues faster and more clearly for all staff, from the Chief Nurse to a front-line ward nurse.

Ease of use is further enhanced due to the Microsoft integration. With Teams conferencing for collaboration and a Microsoft Office 365 Word add-in to stop the need for endless copy-and-paste, to produce printed reports, saves time and money.

Thanks to modern software technology and state-of-the-art dashboards that collate relevant information for complete oversight, what you need to do or to know is always right ant your fingertips.

Find out what others have to say about InPhase and our Oversight systems in our Customer Stories gallery.

The Takeaway.

The move to LFPSE will improve healthcare nationwide by collecting data into a central database to give providers better insight into adverse events occurring day to day.

This move is crucial in efforts to improve learning and deliver better, safer patient care.

The newly LFPSE-certified Incident Oversight system from InPhase enables efficient and effective data capturing and analysis, seamless automated uploading to LFPSE and StEIS, and offers complete oversight through triangulated quality dashboards other suppliers do not match.

Save time, money, and resources and improve patient safety and care by choosing InPhase.

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Chief Executive Officer

InPhase’s Chief Executive and Founder, Robert has been the visionary leading InPhase to be one of the UK's leading providers of management, governance and assurance solutions, and helping organisations align their actions and goals more easily and efficiently with InPhase's suite of integrated apps.

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