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Why more and more NHS Trusts are favoring triangulated assurance.

What is it about triangulated assurance that is making a significant impact with Trusts?
Learn more about Why more and more NHS Trusts are favoring triangulated assurance
| Robert Hobbs | Healthcare

We’ve had the pleasure of working with many NHS Trusts over the years and something we’ve noticed that a lot have in common is that they’re using a hodgepodge of digital systems, Word and Excel files and paper documents to manage the delicate processes of CQC self-assessments, NICE guidance compliance, audits and incident reports. These disparate systems and data sets are laborious to complete, analyse, difficult to improve and incredibly time consuming to triangulate.

As a result of this, more Trusts want something fast, efficient and integrated. In other words, they want a single digital system that can house all their quality, performance and assurance data for one fully triangulated version of the truth.

Recently, the Oversight suite of over 20 triangulated apps has made a significant impression within the NHS at an increasing pace, with 6 new NHS Foundation Trusts joining the InPhase community in the last month alone.

With the Oversight suite, Trusts get one, integrated system to manage the different facets of CQC Quality, Audits and Incidents.

So how does triangulation of Quality, Audits and Incidents make the ultimate transformational single system?

What is triangulated assurance?

Triangulated assurance is seeing the related, relevant information from each of the different perspectives at the same time.

It is delivered by the integration of Quality, Audits, Risk, Performance and Incidents into a single system, digitising the whole process and eliminating time-consuming manual copying, collation and separate analysis.

From this system, your teams can easily manage CQC self-assessments, NICE guidance compliance, CAS, Audit completion and record and upload Incident reports to the national Learn from Patient Safety Events (LFPSE) database using a single consistent user experience.

Triangulated assurance is making an impact with Trusts.

Working in a Trust, you know that the fast-paced nature of day-to-day operations needs a central system that can keep up. From our conversations with many NHS Trusts, we’ve found that they get increasingly discouraged when they are stuck with arduous manual processes or with slow, time-consuming digital systems that keep data in various different places.

When Trusts realise that they can have all of the assurance information in one place, that automatically triangulates data to really elevate the way that data is used, all whilst saving time and reducing the financial impact of running multiple time-consuming systems, they are jumping at the chance.

As well as this triangulation, Trusts are benefiting from real-time reporting, intelligent workflows and notifications and creating aligned actions to best focus their team’s efforts in the most impactful places for a continuous upward trajectory of improvement.

To explore triangulated assurance in greater depth, we hosted a web conference on this very subject on the 26th January 2023.

This fast paced web conference covered these key areas:

  • How triangulation of Quality, Audits and Incidents will elevate the way you use your data
  • How to save both clinical and non-clinical time, as well as have a considerable financial impact, by using one system with one version of the truth
  • Rapid and intelligent workflows to ensure aligned actions get completed and their impacts are visible to encourage and engage teams
  • How real-time triangulation delivers better oversight, insight and foresight to make sure what needs to get done is done
  • How to take advantage of the upcoming LFPSE upgrade to maximise improvement

Find out how transformational triangulation can be for your Trust. Request access to the recording here.

Robert Hobbs

Chief Executive Officer

InPhase’s Chief Executive and Founder, Robert has been the visionary leading InPhase to be one of the UK's leading providers of management, governance and assurance solutions, and helping organisations align their actions and goals more easily and efficiently with InPhase's suite of integrated apps.

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