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Sussex Community NHS Trust Welcomes InPhase Oversight!

Alistair Brown and Seema Kumar attend another amazing InPhase Awareness Day at Sussex Community NHS Trust!
sussex community awareness day whole team with seema kumar from inphase
| Heather Lowery | Healthcare

On the 4th of October 2023, Sussex Community NHS Trust welcomed Alistair Brown and Seema Kumar from InPhase for another incredible InPhase Awareness Day in preparation for Sussex Community moving closer to the official launch of InPhase!

Engaging Insights at Leadership Conference 2023.

The setting couldn't have been more fitting: The Leadership Conference 2023, bearing the resonant theme 'Leading a Great Place to Work'. Delegates brimmed with questions, eager to discern how the new system would revolutionise their daily operations, from reports and audits to form customisations.

Features that Fascinate.

The room was abuzz as key features of InPhase Oversight were unveiled. Enhanced inter-team communication through swift incident reporting, the departure from Excel to a sophisticated digital audit platform, and an intuitive, time-saving user interface garnered unanimous appreciation. Not to forget, faster and easier audit forms, the integration capabilities and user-friendly training modules further upped the excitement.

seema with the sussex community team

Positive Echoes Post-Event.

The event's success reverberated beyond the conference walls.

An ensuing email encapsulated the sentiment: "It was great to see you in person yesterday, and the feedback from the leadership event has been really positive."

The barrage of inquisitive questions Alistair faced stood as a testament to the optimism and interest surrounding the impending changes.

High Turnout, Higher Expectations.

With a turnout of over 260 delegates, it was evident that the event had struck a chord. As the clock ticks down to the eagerly awaited November launch, the SCFT team's anticipation is palpable, especially concerning the sleek reporting dashboards and the promise of in-depth data triangulation.

the inphase team at sussex community awareness day

Gearing Up for November.

As the month of November beckons, Sussex Community NHS Trust stands poised and ready to embark on a transformative journey championed by InPhase Oversight!

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