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InPhase Attends the North Test Simulation Network Conference 2023!

Our John Boland ventures out to take in healthcare advancements and how technology is shaping best practices.
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| Heather Lowery | Healthcare

A Chilling Start, but a Warm Reception

On November 30, 2023, the Glow Event Centre in Newton Aycliffe became the hub of healthcare innovation. Customer Success Manager and avid Christmas fan John Boland travelled down there and was greeted by incredible intellects in healthcare as well as stunning decorations that made him feel right at home!

We proudly accepted the invitation to the North Test Simulation Network Conference—an annual gathering designed to provide updates, training, and networking opportunities for the clinical community in North Cumbria and the Northeast of England.

170 Delegates Brave the Chill

Despite the frosty start, the event witnessed an impressive turnout, with over 170 delegates descending upon the Glow Event Centre. And there was John, standing alongside other exhibitors to showcase the impactful work happening in NHS and healthcare organisations across the Northeast.

Conversations that Sparked Interest

Healthcare Headsets: A Virtual Clinic

What was incredible to see was how much of an impact technology can have on healthcare. John was absolutely blown away by Geeky Medics’ presentation on Using Virtual AI Patients to Teach Communication Skills. Once the headset was popped on, the wearer was transported to a virtual clinic for training. Absolutely awe-inspiring!

LFPSE Reporting: A Game-Changer

John engaged in meaningful conversations with local and national patient safety leads who found particular interest in the seamless LFPSE reporting facilitated by InPhase. The system's ability to document and review outcomes swiftly and resonated with them and their needs. They were eager to explore how InPhase could streamline their current processes and benefit their local colleagues.

Regional Collaboration: Sharing Insights

Local leads expressed their intent to reach out to their colleagues to find out how they could leverage InPhase's capabilities. The promise of quick, clear, and timely documentation struck a chord, presenting an opportunity for enhanced collaboration and efficiency.

National Recognition: Surprises and Satisfaction

Colleagues were genuinely happy to discover that NHS Trusts in their regions were already harnessing the power of InPhase. The ease with which trends could be identified and shared with key partners, such as ICB/ICS, left them impressed. They foresaw significant benefits for their organisations, recognising InPhase as a catalyst for informed decision-making.

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