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InPhase at the 16th Annual HSJ Patient Safety Congress!

The Annual Patient Safety Congress 2023 was an amazing event from start to finish.
| Heather Lowery | Healthcare

On the 18th and 19th of September, 2023, the exhibition room of the 16th Annual HSJ Patient Safety Congress was packed full of healthcare providers from up and down the country delving deep into honest discussions surrounding the theme 'Facing Reality – Honest Conversations About Patient Safety' and we had an incredible time!

Spotlight on InPhase: A Two-Day Spectacle!

Our amazing trio of experts, Bijan Azar, Andrew Bingham, and Aden Maine, headed out to represent InPhase and had so many interesting and exciting conversations about patient safety and assurance, what people were looking for in their patient safety and assurance systems and how Oversight from InPhase can help support what healthcare providers are aiming to achieve.

On Monday 18th, we lit up the brand-new Innovation Stage with an honest patient safety presentation with Steve Walters, Head of Governance and Compliance at King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, who absolutely smashed it out of the park to a packed-out audience.

Back with Bigger Bangs!

Returning to our second year at the Congress, the reception was spectacular. Compared to last year's focus on the LFPSE migration, 'triangulation' was the term on everyone's lips this time. As this is an InPhase speciality, the Oversight Suite of over 20 triangulated apps that seamlessly integrate together captured the attention of many curious minds who queued up, eager to engage and find out more about our system.

Charting New Terrains: Unearthing Concerns & Solutions!

A trend was evident: mounting concerns about existing systems and their scalability. Conversations turned to our training methodologies and the feasibility of online orientations. The delegates were all ears about customisation, inter-app communication, and system integrations. They were super excited to hear about what Oversight can do to support learning and improve patient safety.

Regular comments were made about out fast forms, which were overwhelmingly positive. The delegates loved that they’re super high speed to help data capture, and that localised customisations can be made to add extra questions.

Another key player was how clearly data was presented in real-time dashboards that allow for complete visibility and help to support transparency and honest conversations around patient safety.

A Resounding Applause

As the curtains drew on this year's HSJ Patient Safety Congress, the buzz around InPhase's stand was undeniable and it's safe to say 2023's Congress was a blockbuster for Team InPhase!

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