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Improving patient safety and reducing staff workload with LFPSE certified Incident Oversight from InPhase

Exclusive access to the secret behind quick, easy and effective incident management and reporting
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| Andrew Bingham | Healthcare

Incident reporting for healthcare providers is crucial to advance improvements and aid patient safety. As a result of lengthy, complex incident reporting processes, minor incidents aren’t being reported as often as they should.

Although incident reporting is voluntary, NHS England encourages the reporting of events to continue working towards better standards of care for patients by avoiding recreating past mistakes that caused harm and inspiring change to outdated processes.

To improve incident reporting, NHS England announced that all healthcare providers must have an adverse event reporting system that is LFPSE (Learn from Patient Safety Events) compliant by March 31st, 2023, which will replace the previous NRLS (National Learn and Reporting System). This ensures the correct recording of incidents, increases learning and enhances patient safety and care improvements. The upgrade to LFPSE covers a broader range of events: incidents, risks, outcomes, and good care, all of which unite towards the common goal of improving patient safety and care.

The LFPSE service will provide one central database for recording over 2 million incidents from Trusts and healthcare providers annually. This data will be easily accessible to uploaders around the country, identifying and analysing patterns to support and continue learning surrounding patient safety and care, both locally and nationally.

Incident Oversight from InPhase recently gained its LFPSE certification, making InPhase one of four suppliers of the LFPSE compliant software ready for the rush of Trusts and healthcare providers upgrading their current systems.

Who are InPhase?

We are InPhase: delivering performance improvement and assurance systems since 1991. Our software has helped improve the performance, safety, assurance and outcomes for hundreds of high-reliability organisations in the UK.

The new Incident Oversight app is added to our Oversight suite of more than 20 triangulated healthcare apps to record and reduce future incidents faster than ever. Other apps in the suite include Quality Oversight for compliance assurance with CQC, NICE Guidance, CAS alerting system and a new Audit Oversight system for faster audit and checklist data capture and analysis, and many more.

We create innovative, easy-to-use software with all users in mind.

So, what is Incident Oversight from InPhase?

Incident Oversight from InPhase gained LFPSE certification on 31 March 2022, making it one of only four NHS England LFPSE certified systems for all sizes of NHS Trusts and healthcare providers. The LFPSE certification ensures that Trusts and healthcare providers fully meet with the NHS England progression to Learn from Patient Safety Events.

Incident Oversight is designed with the different types of user of the system in mind. Fast Forms automatically adjust the questions based on the previous answers given with full, uninhibited access from mobile, tablet or desktop. This encourages the reporting of incidents, by reducing the number of steps it takes to complete an incident form, sounds good right? Saving 2 minutes of form filling per incident adds up – to a whole FTE of clinical staff time for a medium size Trust, and 3-4 FTE for the larger Trusts!

As we’re dedicated to supporting you and your team to better identify exceptions and patterns across Trusts, we’ve included a suite of robust and ready-made dashboards, that present quickly, cleanly and visually the incident information in real-time from Trust wide to directorate to ward and unit. With integrated discussion, and even Microsoft Teams conferencing, and action setting and tracking.

You can also quickly triangulate incident data clearly and visually with other Oversight apps, including audits, risk, CQC self-assessments and NICE guidelines, and even third-party vendor systems. Related data is also only a click away, giving you complete oversight across the hospital or Trust to better understand current and historic incidents and discover the best ways to reduce them in real-time.

See Incident Oversight from InPhase in action!

We are hosting a series of web conferences to explore our brand new, super easy-to-use incident management and audit tools in more detail before you make the required upgrade from NLRS. These web conferences unpack how moving to a more cost-effective, efficient system can improve analysis, reduce workload, free up staff time and importantly, improve patient safety!

Hosted by our Chief Executive and Founder, Robert Hobbs, they'll show you how to quickly capture incidents and complaints while reducing direct expenditure costs, reducing the staff time costs of dealing with incidents, and ultimately reducing NHS Resolution contribution costs in one easy-to-use, out-the-box app.

Access upcoming dates and past recordings here.

The Takeaway.

The move to LFPSE is considered by NHS England as instrumental in improving healthcare nationwide by collecting data into a central database to give better insight into the millions of day-by-day adverse events. Upgrading to LFPSE is crucial in efforts to improve learning and deliver better safer patient care.

The LFPSE-certified Incident Oversight system from InPhase delivers engaging efficient and effective data capturing and analysis, seamless automated uploading to LFPSE and StEIS, and offers complete oversight through triangulated quality dashboards that other suppliers do not match.

Join our live webinars or view recordings to discover a new way to revolutionise incident reporting and transform patient safety and care.

Watch the latest incident oversight showcase webinar

We look forward to seeing you there!

Andrew Bingham

Chief Operating Officer

Andrew is responsible for our account managers and customer success team, tasked with helping our customers make the most of the opportunities presented by our product features and key business responsibilities of customer retention, adoption and expansion.

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