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Forget everything you know about audit systems – Audit Oversight from InPhase is here to change the game!

Introducing Audit Oversight: the newest addition to our Suite of 20 integrated Oversight apps that will transform your Trust in weeks.
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| Robert Hobbs | Healthcare

Audits are often viewed as time-consuming, box-checking annoyances by the NHS staff who must complete them. As a result of the lengthy processes required to complete audits, audit completion rates are often not where they should be – with a not-unusual 43% completion rate recently recorded at a major trust.

A common issue with audit completion rates is how they are conducted; with improper digital systems in place, some Trusts opt for Excel, Word documents, or even pen and paper to collect the relevant data. This leads to disdain towards audits, with complicated data capture processes and time-consuming procedures that ultimately take limited resources away from their most impactful areas.

Fortunately, Audit Oversight from InPhase has improved the way audits are done, with a fast, intuitive data capture form that saves minutes at each capture stage, totalling the equivalent of 2-4 full-time clinical staff members’ time each year depending on Trust size. Through the implementation of Audit Oversight, Wirral Community NHS Trust have supercharged their audit completion, with their hand hygiene audit completion rates going up to a staggering 95%!

InPhase is hosting a free, 60-minute webinar on 26th May 2022, at 11 am, featuring the Audit Oversight app and its fast-forms feature that can give you valuable insight into how InPhase can transform your Trust.

Fast Forms For Faster Audits:

Innovative technology from InPhase has allowed the development and implementation of fast forms designed to simplify and streamline the data capture process and skyrocket audit completion rates.

High-speed forms compatible with any device allow for complete, uninhibited access from anywhere around the hospital, with QR codes that bring up the right audit straight away so you can get started immediately. The intuitive form filling eliminates endless and unnecessary scrolling for relevant questions by looking at previously entered data and providing the right boxes.

Audit Oversight is easily customisable and scalable by Trust staff, with no cost increase for increased usage, so you can ensure your audits are precisely aligned to your Trust’s unique needs without budget issues.

Want To Know More?

InPhase hosts another one of our exclusive, free 60-minute webinars featuring Audit Oversight and its famous data capture forms.

In this exclusive free web conference, find out how Audit Oversight can reduce the time it takes to complete audits, saving an average of the equivalent of 2 clinicians’ time per year, as well as how to amplify audit completion rates with quick and easy to use data capture forms that run at high-speed on any device. You can also learn how to save hours on audit analysis with built-in dashboards for data and compliance in real time.

We’ll show you how Audit Oversight, the newest addition to our Oversight suite of more than 20 integrated apps, can fully triangulate with Incident Oversight to report and prevent incidents and Quality Oversight against CQC self-assessments and NICE guidelines, as well as CAS alerting system for complete assurance. You will also learn how these apps work together to enhance the strength of your audits in line with your broader, continuous improvement goals.

Audits no longer need to be overwhelming, time-consuming work. If you want to give your team the best way to complete audits faster and more cost-effectively, with customisable, scalable and unlimited audits, this concise 60-minute webinar is an essential guide to achieving total oversight for maximum results and minimum effort.

Register here to guarantee your space.

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Get ahead with these five key areas covered in this exclusive web conference:

  • How to free up the equivalent of 1-4 FTE per year with faster, super easy-to-use data capture forms that can reduce the time it takes to complete audits.
  • How triangulation of audits to incidents, risks, CQC, NICE and policies boost the power of your audits in helping achieve your broader continuous improvement ambitions.
  • How to save hours on audit analysis with built-in dashboards to help you see compliance and completion in real-time
  • How more accurate audits lead to better audit actions with a higher impact on the areas that matter.
  • How the right tool needs to be scalable and flexible to support your Trusts growth and future needs without costing the earth for changes.

The Takeaway:

A reframing of audits must take place to run as effectively and efficiently as possible. With Audit Oversight from InPhase, audits are massively improved, with quick and easy processes that work towards the overall improvement goals of the Trust.

Save hours with Audit Oversights fast forms that work at high speed on any device. But also get unlimited audits without any extra cost that are scalable, customisable and fully triangulated against incidents, risks, policy, actions, CQC and NICE.

Join us on 26th May 2022 at 11 am to get exclusive access to the product in action. Talk to our experts who are passionate about delivering results for healthcare organisations.

Guarantee your space and register here; we look forward to seeing you!

Robert Hobbs

Chief Executive Officer

InPhase’s Chief Executive and Founder, Robert has been the visionary leading InPhase to be one of the UK's leading providers of management, governance and assurance solutions, and helping organisations align their actions and goals more easily and efficiently with InPhase's suite of integrated apps.

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