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Are you worried about implementing a new LFPSE incident reporting system in time?

How to rapidly migrate from any old incident reporting system to Incident Oversight from InPhase.
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| Paul Clinton | Healthcare

URGENT UPDATE: NHS England has announced that you now have the option of a six month extension to the original March 2023 deadline for testing, refining and customisation, only. You are still required to have an LFPSE incident reporting system in place by March 2023.

Discover the secret to rapid migration from NRLS to LFPSE in plenty of time before the deadline.

The fast-approaching deadline can feel like a lot of pressure for you. And migration from an old system raises a lot of questions. Do you have to stay with the same supplier? Is there enough time to choose something new and get it set up in time? What happens to your old incident data after the move?

What should proper migration look like?

When you move to a new system, you want it to go as smoothly as possible. Whether you’re using Datix, Ulysses or Excel to manage your incident reporting, the migration process should be universally quick and simple.

All your historic incident data needs to come with you, too. Get all your data in one place so you can keep your history and eliminate the need to also run legacy systems in parallel.

Rapid LFPSE migration with Bedfordshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Did you know that Bedfordshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust migrated from Datix to Incident Oversight from InPhase in just six weeks?

Following the decision to move to Oversight, they were able to procure, implement and deploy a brand new LFPSE-certified incident reporting system in record time. They migrated all their historical incidents, forms and processes and got their new system up and running in plenty of time before March 2023.

And it’s possible for you, too.

Steal their secret.

InPhase hosted an exclusive webinar on 20th October 2022 at 11 am to show you exactly how they did it.

It doesn’t matter if you’re using Datix, Ulysses or Excel to manage your incident reporting. Rapid migration to LFPSE can be achieved with the support of the InPhase team before you can say “Learn from Patient Safety Events.”

To find out how you can do it, join InPhase on Thursday 20th October 2022 at 11 am in our live web conference with guest speakers Bedfordshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

We covered:

  • How to implement a new LFPSE incident reporting system to replace NRLS
  • How to migrate all your old incident data to Incident Oversight from InPhase
  • How to save clinical time and resources when reporting incidents
  • How better reporting and analysis with Incident Oversight can enhance learning and improvement
  • How the power of triangulation with other Oversight modules magnifies learning and improvement potential

Discover how to achieve rapid migration to LFPSE. View the recording here: reserve your digital seat here.

Paul Clinton

Chief Solutions Officer

Paul has vast expertise in healthcare, NHS, independent providers and social care, from practical experience and implementations of dozens of healthcare systems over the past decade. Leading the design and integration of solutions today using the InPhase suite with unparalleled knowledge.

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