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A Day of Discovery: InPhase Gears Up for Go-Live at Gateshead Health!

Our own John Boland, Customer Success Manager at InPhase, attends the exciting go-live event at Gateshead Health.
| Heather Lowery | Healthcare

Gateshead Health NHS Foundation Trust is on the brink of going live with a range of InPhase applications, including our innovative Incidents with LFPSE app.

Our Customer Success Manager, John Boland spent an engaging day at the Hospital Staff Hub to ramp up staff awareness and ensure a successful system rollout.

Spreading Awareness, Building Excitement

The day was a whirlwind of activity as John provided live demos and took the time to explain how InPhase’s suite of apps will streamline workflows and enhance patient care. A central component of the Trust’s strategy is to involve as many staff members as possible in understanding and leveraging the new system. And what a day it was! John interacted with over 40 enthusiastic staff members across various departments.

Real Conversations, Real Feedback

John was excited to hear the reactions from the staff as they expressed excitement about the system's intuitive design, the ease with which reports could be generated, and the efficient recording of vital information. The buzz about how data from disparate areas could be cross-referenced in a snap was even more compelling. This feature promises to drastically reduce incident investigation time and enable rapid interventions in patient safety events.

A Harmonious Blend of Technology and Patient Care

The day proved that our system aligns perfectly with the Trust’s focus on maximising staff involvement in adopting new technology for better patient care. As John highlighted, the goal of InPhase is not just to offer a digital solution but to provide a tool that aids in delivering more efficient and safer healthcare services.

Looking Ahead

The eagerness of Gateshead Health's staff has us all very excited about the imminent go-live of our applications. We are confident that our partnership with the Trust will make a tangible impact on patient safety and the overall healthcare experience for staff and patients alike.

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