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A National Decision for National Patient Safety – NHS Scotland Chooses InPhase

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InPhase has been awarded the first national single-supplier framework contract for Integrated Incident Risk Management and Patient Safety systems by NHS Scotland.

NHS Scotland has a requirement to deliver an Integrated Incident, Risk Management and Patient Safety System (IIRMPSS) to ensure it complies with legislative requirements and to meet its legal obligation to ensure the safety of its staff, patients and visitors.

The tender was spurred by a drive to give all NHS Trusts in Scotland a much improved approach to patient safety and a leap forward in triangulating a wide range of information that can help drive patient safety improvement forward.

NHS Scotland consists of fourteen (14) territorial Health Boards, seven Special Health Boards and one public health body. The fourteen territorial Health Boards are responsible for the protection and improvement of their population’s health and for the delivery of frontline healthcare services. Seven Special Health Boards and one public health body support the territorial Health Boards by providing a range of important specialist and national services.

“The InPhase solution was identified by NHS Scotland evaluators as being ‘in a different league’ to other products. This is confirmation that InPhase is a game-changing patient safety and quality assurance solution for hospitals, ambulance services and other health organisations. A nationwide decision is a great efficiency step for NHS Scotland and will deliver the InPhase advantages to the widest possible NHS audience to support patient safety improvements. The award also enables us to double our implementation and support staff, benefitting all NHS customers.”

Robert Hobbs, CEO - InPhase

The current IIRMPSS system is widely used across NHSScotland for the following areas, which will continue with InPhase

  • Incidents - report, manage and investigate incidents and near misses, including Serious Adverse Events (SAE) enabling compliance with SAE policy and statutory returns (e.g. Duty of Candour).
  • Claims - record all claims made against Health Boards, acting as both the medical negligence claims register and legal claims register.
  • FOI - record all FOI requests made and record responses, reviews and appeals thereto.
  • Complaints - record complaints made against Health Boards allowing monitoring and reporting of such data.
  • Risk Register – a central repository for Health Boards’ Risk Registers, capturing both risks that arise from Health Board activities and external risks from the environment in which Health Boards operate.
  • M&M Reviews - support the management of Mortality & Morbidity (M&M) review meetings
  • Care Experience - record, collate and theme Care Experience feedback reports, a key component of how Health Boards define quality care.

IIRMPSS Objectives

This NHS Scotland and InPhase project will enable measurable improvements to be obtained in the key indicators of healthcare quality providing assurance that the whole of NHS Scotland is committed to patient safety and avoiding harm, using consistent and reliable improvement methods.

A key aim of the NHS Scotland Digital Strategy is to exploit data to improve patient safety and quality outcomes. The IIRMPSS is a key source of information and data, to both support reporting of agreed national and local clinical quality indicators, and in the production of associated Health Board data dashboards.

The IIRMPSS will be integral to the continuous improvement of the Health and Safety Management System by ensuring the recording and investigation of all incidents with a key focus on the most significant and driving learning from excellence (LfE) across each Health Board.

The Future

The revolutionary InPhase solution has already had rapid adoption by individual NHS Trusts in England, with InPhase supplying its system to over 50 NHS Trusts in England over the past 3 years for incident, quality assurance, audit and improvement.

InPhase advances include fast data capture forms to save clinical, nursing and administrative time, spectacular real-time reporting capabilities, and easy local administration.

Over 40 hospitals in England improved CQC ratings over 2 years whilst using the system and recent uptake in primary care includes GP practises making unprecedented leaps from ‘inadequate’ to ‘good’ ratings in under 12 months.

For a closer look at how InPhase Supports the full patient safety journey for healthcare organisations, book a quick session with the team today.

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