Quality Assurance and Audit

Deliver effective internal processes and controls that drive up performance.

Guide even non-experienced mangers through the process of audits. Making the process engaging and showing clear relevance to the business.

Relieve the burden of regulation

Independent assurance, governance and compliance

All audit types

Stay in Control

Stay in Control

  • Define your own audit control processes and systems.
  • Create and store checklists of questions.
  • Plan and schedule audits with alerting at each stage.
  • Easy notification of upcoming audits.
  • Escalate audits where required.
  • Deliver cross organisational boundary auditing.


  • Align corrective actions to avoid duplication in effort.
  • Historic capture of actions avoid replicating effort that did not work last time.
  • Clearly flag issue and align activity to its resolution, tracking the impact of this over time.
  • Streamline and simplify the audit process, especially where multiple audit processes might cross.
  • Align multiple audit approaches across the business.


  • Built in conversations, real-time with each team member for collaboration on key activities, actions and projects or around the appraisal itself.
  • Keep coaching and feedback loops continuous throughout operational delivery so that improvement is rapid and predictive.
  • Assure yourself that all information needed is in a single place and preserved over time.
  • Update audits real-time over mobile.


  • Clearly identify gaps in performance and compliance where activity is non-existent or not effective.
  • Which activities have the highest positive impact on the audits.
  • Stay focused with clear action plans.
  • Roll up real-time reporting from any captured question and answer.
  • At a glance audit progress reporting.
  • Instant messaging feedback alerts.
  • Clear activity tracker and instant email notification on when activity is due.
  • Performance breach alerting.

InPhase Quality Assurance Apps...

Two of our best apps, perfect for Auditing and Quality Assurance.


An intuitive portal where non techncial users can assess at Outcome and Prompt level. Different divisions can store their explanations and evidence distinctly, when they operate in different ways.

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Intuitive web site to assess and update NICE Guidance and Quality Standards, with compliance, risk and assurance assessments, actions, evidence and audit documents.

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InPhase BMS is an excellent toolbox for managing our changing business.

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