Business Intelligence

Actionable Insights that make a difference.

Analytics with ease

Interactive and fun

Real-time insights

More than just finding your data.

Data Discovery

Easily access, explore, and analyse data and business plans, in just a few clicks with self-service analytics.

Simplify data connectivity

Simplify data connectivity

Enable business users to translate data into a common, understandable and valuable resource anyone can use to make decisions by face and by process.

Connect in memory

Connect in memory

Give the power of your transaction data to your decision makers at lightning speed without a burden on data transfers. Enable calculations on the fly and in a few simple clicks.

Data mash up

Data mash up

Insights like you’ve never seen before, created with a simple click. Let your business managers tell new stories by mixing and matching data tables across systems.



Insights every minute of every day live. Be it data from the source systems, comments and collaboration or project and programme updates, InPhase is the single place to access any information about the business real-time.

Predictive analytics

Predictive analytics

Be forward looking. Model what-if’s across your business and create scenarios that matter to you.

Sophisticated analytics made easy with a library of single click functions, and easy to follow guides for more granular detailed requirements.

Charts and maps are easy with InPhase.

Try Now for Free

Never “run” a report again – it’s always live, it’s always up to date.

By inputting a minimal amount of information, InPhase was able to turn this into comprehensive reports - in other words the system does the work for you!

Performance Manager, Lincolnshire County Council

Seamless interactivity delivers answers at a glance.


Experience working for a business that puts critical information in the hands of every decision maker. Give employees access to critical information from anywhere, any time – and enable them to update it even via mobile.

Fun, intuitive dashboards that facilitate action.

  • Self service

    Self service

    Let your users play with information, and self discover.

    Sorting, filtering, pivoting, drill down, drill up, flagging, liking, totalling are all easy and intuitive for InPhase users.

  • Easy to build

    Easy to build

    Deliver to thousands – but create just once.

  • Push or pull

    Push or pull

    Supporting both technophobes and geeks alike, dashboards can be created to push pre defined criteria at a user driving precisely with little interactively the focus and priorities for the week, or let your users roam and explore finding trends and critical issues themselves.

  • Bubble up reporting

    Bubble up reporting

    Know something's going wrong, but it’s not yet reflected in the data – Bubble up lets you force issues to a dashboard or report requesting remedial decision support immediately.

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