Business and Activity Management

More than Corporate Performance – it’s Enterprise Business Management



Digitise the planning process


Increase productivity with Project Management


End firefighting with predictive risk


Finding business critical problems is good.
Fixing them is better.

The first enterprise wide, decision making solution for every part of your business, in times of crisis or not.


Core Performance Capabilities

Business Planning

Empower everyone to plan. Capture, execute, analyse, predict, adapt

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Project & Programmes

Make high value change decisions based on likely impact to the business

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Risk and Governance

Reduce the likelihood of failure with aligned compliance and value added risk

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Business Intelligence

Actional insights with industry leading real-time connectivity.

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Define and embed your culture your way with performance aligned to the individual.

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Supplier Management

Deliver outcomes in a virtual world with collaborative joint working uniting across organisational boundries

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Quality Assurance

Ensure employees know what to do, when to do it and how to do it with embedded and streamlined QMS.

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Action Management

Simple escalation, succession, parking of actions through the business from one team member to another.

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Discover how InPhase takes care of all your business planning needs.

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The application, which is totally integrated with MS Office is easy to understand and intuitive. No IT skills are prerequisite to set up a model and therefore organisations can actively alter their performance measurement tool according to the continuous changes in the business world.

Judge Institute, Cambridge University

Be Responsive When It Matters and Drive Change.

InPhase facilitates decision making at every level of the business.

Must-haves of a business, performance & crisis management platform...

  • Action Capture and Tracking

    Implement Actions that Count

    Action Capture and Tracking

    INPHASE actively encourages users to implement robust action planning programmes directly linked to your critical issues or change programme. Aligning activity across the business to the outturn performance lets you see quickly what efforts are driving positive outcomes, and which efforts are wasted resources.

  • Email Notifications

    Facilitate Corrective Actions

    Email Notifications

    Immediately and automatically notify the right person about high priority issues that affect them, their team or service so corrective decisions can be taken immediately.

  • Team Communications

    Work Better together

    Team Communications

    On the fly, real time collaborative discussion forums enables Managers to work out which actions will have the best impact. What’s more the discussion is linked to each issues or goal so you can see the internal knowledge being built and recorded over time.

  • Real Time Messaging and Collaboration

    Any time, any place.

    Real Time Messaging and Collaboration

    Making decisions real time is important but knowing that you need to make a decision in the first place is essential. Let InPhase send you real time alerts direct to our mobile device or inbox.

  • Document Sharing

    Liberate your Documents

    Document Sharing

    Bring everything your teams and managers need to make decisions into a single place and align it to the purpose. Quick access to the documents that matter make decisions making easy and all inclusive.

  • Simulations and Analytics

    Be the Future

    Simulations and Analytics

    Let the software do the hard work for you with out of the box analytical functions available at a single click. Be it predicting future outturn performance or looking for trends in the past, InPhase puts the power of analytics a simple click away.

  • KPI Governance

    Delivering Trusted Information

    KPI Governance

    Defining governance rules around KPI’s and metrics is an essential part of any performance management system. This needs to include

    • KPI meta data
    • KPI relationships and aggregation paths
    • The ability to add your own fields for KPI’s

    Any governance model once updated should update all reporting for fast deployment and assurance.

  • Goals

    Faster more reliable decision making


    InPhase enables faster, more collaborative goal setting and reviewing. Embedding the process as a seamless part of everyone’s job, at all levels of the business, means change happens faster, and is archived based on fact and process.

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