Getting Succession Planning Right

Succession planning is important no matter what stage your business is at. Whether it’s business as usual or mid-crisis, making sure that critical actions are still delivered is essential.


Automatic rollover of actions


What can be parked


What needs to be escalated


Reasons for succession planning...


When people leave for other jobs, creating gaps.


Medical reasons such as sickness, death or pregnancy.


Promotions that are given without backfilling.


Consolidating roles together to create efficiencies.

What is InPhase succession planning?

Succession planning increases the availability of experienced and capable employees that are prepared to assume actions as they need to be done.

InPhase enables you to migrate an entire person's role, or to carve up responsibilities and high priority actions to many others on demand. Succession can be short term, especially good if you expect the staff member to come back to work, or long term.

Succession planning with InPhase will:

  • Identify gaps in delivery
  • Manage training and upskilling requirements
  • Support Personal performance management
  • Carryover relevant documentation including job manuals and process documents
  • Evaluate when the successor needs support
  • Embed and automate the process into the business

Succession planning in a crisis

During a crisis, especially where team health is an issue, succession planning becomes even more critical. Today's COVID-19 succession planning capabilities are unparalleled with:

  • Staff confirming via an especially built app, their COVID status in 4 clicks.
  • Data aggregates up to a command centre dashboard so your Managers can see in real-time available resource for that day and can plan and take actions accordingly.
  • All actions are all handled, distributed and tracked on the app through to completion.
  • Automatedated Succession planning for actions when team member go on / off.
  • Users can park non-critical issues.
  • Users can escalate issues and actions through the management hierarchy so they are handled on time when it matters.

Who is it for?

Business Users Love it

Automates the process and takes the pain away from manual emails, checking and double-checking....

HR Love it

Includes everything they need to successfully role over from one member of staff to anoth...

SMT love it

Rapid, painless, assured and cost-effective way of being well-led and managing gaps.

Crisis Managers Love it

Makes sure what needs to happen in a crisis gets done.
  • Craig Newman

    Craig Newman

    Data Intelligence Team Manager @ Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue
    "Simply put, our information and performance culture improved dramatically."

    On Capterra

  • InPhase Government User

    InPhase Government User

    Strategy and Performance Manager
    "Has facilitated much more meaningful, dynamic and focused conversations about performance at every level in the organisation."

    On Capterra

  • Alex Scrivens

    Alex Scrivens

    Performance & Improvement Manager @ Fylde Borough Council
    "InPhase has proved to be a superb value for money performance management solution."

    On Capterra

  • Tobin Stephenson

    Tobin Stephenson

    Head of Knowledge and Insight @ Central Bedfordshire Council
    "The external portal that we are about to launch is an excellent way for us to get key performance measures into the public domain. "

    On Capterra

  • Andy Tailor

    Andy Tailor

    Head of Sales @ Equation Associates
    "The product is incredibly flexible and manages the entire process of business performance and BI is a single integrated cycle."

    On Capterra

  • Emma Carvell

    Emma Carvell

    Clinical Programme manager SAFE
    "The tool has offered us more than we had initially hoped and the scope keeps growing. The benefits of the tool is that it is open and transparent for all staff to view compliance."

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