Action Assurance Like a Guru

Gain complete visibility of who is doing what, by when, and automatically catch up what’s being missed.


Succession Planning for all actions


Capture short- and long-term decision impacts


Predict likely outcome of decisions and risks


Why InPhase for Action Management?

Whether you are mid-crisis or business as usual, the InPhase action Assurance capability makes sure you can get done what needs to be done for the best result possible.

Improve resource management, understand difficulties and blockers earlier and deliver your team's actions right, the first time.

Users Love it

Simple to use, with easy email and SMS notifications, users can see what matters to them,...

Governance Love it

Assure the critical jobs to be done for compliance are seamlessly integrated into business...

Crisis Managers Love it

Automatic succession planning means you can auto rollover critical actions from one person...

SMT love it

Assures that you are dramatically more likely to achieve your goals. Aligns resources...

Transformation Managers Love it

Enables the rapid redirection of resources from one set of priorities to another. Easy...

Risk Managers Love it

Quickly and easily see how successful the actions to mitigate risks are performing. If...

HR Love it

Easily aligns business-wide critical actions to the business plan. Links to training and...

Action Planning Capabilities


Escalate actions to others when you need help


Capture issues as well as actions


Quick parking of actions during times of crisis


Easy succession planning if you mark yourself absent

Typical Business Benefits

  • Save money and stop doing what's not having an impact
  • Make every action count and align it to priorities, compliance or risk mitigation
  • Easily spot where there is a problem, at an individual, team, departmental or business-wide level
  • Track performance of the actions over time and see which actions need to be changed first
  • increase everyone's focus on the implementation of high priority tasks and actions
  • Assuring the Board that the business is well-led
  • Delivered on time, on budget
  • Don't miss deadlines, and escalate if it looks likely
  • Enable online collaboration on actions to enable faster decision making

Work as a unified, collaborative, joined up and streamlined team with InPhase.

  • Craig Newman

    Craig Newman

    Data Intelligence Team Manager @ Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue
    "Simply put, our information and performance culture improved dramatically."

    On Capterra

  • InPhase Government User

    InPhase Government User

    Strategy and Performance Manager
    "Has facilitated much more meaningful, dynamic and focused conversations about performance at every level in the organisation."

    On Capterra

  • Alex Scrivens

    Alex Scrivens

    Performance & Improvement Manager @ Fylde Borough Council
    "InPhase has proved to be a superb value for money performance management solution."

    On Capterra

  • Tobin Stephenson

    Tobin Stephenson

    Head of Knowledge and Insight @ Central Bedfordshire Council
    "The external portal that we are about to launch is an excellent way for us to get key performance measures into the public domain. "

    On Capterra

  • Andy Tailor

    Andy Tailor

    Head of Sales @ Equation Associates
    "The product is incredibly flexible and manages the entire process of business performance and BI is a single integrated cycle."

    On Capterra

  • Emma Carvell

    Emma Carvell

    Clinical Programme manager SAFE
    "The tool has offered us more than we had initially hoped and the scope keeps growing. The benefits of the tool is that it is open and transparent for all staff to view compliance."

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