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Quality and Performance

Everyone is in charge of continuous performance management.

InPhase, the original balance scorecard software, is the listening performance machine. Find issues, correlations, under-performance, and deviation from the plan. You’ll get notified of problems, relevant to you, without having to constantly re-run reports.

  • Put performance at the heart of your teams with superb collaboration tools
  • Ensure quality standards are met, while teams feel supported and engaged
  • Smash personal, team, departmental or organisation wide targets
  • Drive continuous improvement throughout the organisation
Excited person looking at performance reports on InPhase
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East Sussex Fire & Rescue

"My team instantly hit a button on reports so we can actually get into the real intelligence, rather than just keep reporting the top level indictors, so we can really start doing some real clever stuff and start putting budgets in against performance so we can get the insight that we need."
a photo of Liz Ridley

Liz Ridley

Head of Performance Management - East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service

Go beyond just measuring performance and take action

Having one place to see one version of the truth has never been more important for health, public sector, and regulated bodies. With InPhase, you can now go further than knowing what is underperforming, you can do something about it.

Enterprise performance management

Making KPI's work for you.

Across your organisation, see what needs your attention, and importantly, in what priority order.

From the front-line teams to full Board Assurance. Switch from the monthly or quarterly temperature checks and take your business’ pulse in real-time. Automate alerts for when anything is outside a pre-defined tolerance or needs early intervention.

KPI helping you decide priority
"InPhase is helping us bring all our business activity and performance into one source, which will help us become more efficient and effective in the long run."
a photo of Ian Kelly

Ian Kelly

Head of Programmes and Performance Improvement - Plus Dane Housing

Operational Quality and Performance

Operational Insights & Targets.

Ensure you meet operational targets and KPIs, with aligned activities that have an impact on defined strategic outcomes and assurance frameworks.

Whether making the world a better place for citizens, delivering integrated care or CQC in the NHS’ Long Term plan, meet your business wide performance targets with InPhase.

Operational performance management

Personal Performance Management

Managing team performance is now easy.

InPhase makes managing the performance of teams and people effortless, un-biased and non-confrontational. You can now manage with facts and not best guess. Give time and energy back to managers and let the platform do the work for them.

Personal Performance Management

Quality and Performance Reporting

Rockstar Reporting

No matter what the report, InPhase will automate it all for you to ensure you’re not making decisions on out-of-date information and you can rapidly adapt to change and importantly, save on those ‘man-hours’. We’ll automate your:

  • Board report
  • Quality and performance report
  • Quality, safety and experience report
  • Annual report
  • Equality and Diversity Annual Report
  • Exception report
Cause and effect mapping including what if
"The Implementation of InPhase within our department has revolutionised our approach to performance management, supporting us to provide a robust evidence based service through attractive, easy to use , interactive reporting solutions."

Ruth Bunn

Information Governance & Performance Management Officer - Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Tell the whole business story.

With your performance at your fingertips. You can sleep well.

The total business wide diagnostics toolkit notifying you of current and predicted problem areas.

Overseeing your area of responsibility doesn’t need to keep you awake at night. Digitize the process of assurance so everyone has an early warning system and can act early when it matters.

CEO dashboard example

Be a brilliant manager

Insight, data, KPI's and metrics provide an excellent opportunity to improve care and outcomes, but ultimately the power to be successful is not in data, but in collectively actioning lessons learnt.. by in our most valued asset – our people.

Make sure you help everyone to learn from the past and each other, to deliver a better future. 

The right action

Driving operational compliance and readiness is paramount. Learn from the past, know what matters in the now, predict the future, be assured you can reduce the waste and deliver what REALLY matters. 

Align performance data with professional judgements ensuring a rounded evidence assessment

Awesome, right?

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Your Building Blocks

Building blocks are useable across all functions and solutions. These ones are popular for those who want to help teams hit target and drive Enterprise Performance Management .

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Critical Path

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Predicted Out-turn

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Compliance Alerts

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Cheers and Kudos

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PPE and Stock Reporting

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Manager Escalation

...or get started with our Service Line Reporting, Example metrics or Statutory target Boosts for Heath and other Regulated Bodies.

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