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Idea Management Software

Everyone is already a rockstar, use them.

Harness the collective insight of your organisation.Organisations that want enthusiastic teams contributing to joint outcomes and goals ask for input in the form of ideas and opinion.

  • Generate more ideas from across the business
  • Vest teams in future success
  • Establish priority ideas
Bringing ideas together using InPhase for better performance
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MHS Homes

"We had no performance culture at all before InPhase, people didn’t understand data, they didn’t know where to find data, they didn’t know how to use data, and so it was a total finger in the air when we were setting our metric etc. "
a photo of Rebecca Taylor from mhs homes

Rebecca Taylor

Business Improvement Manager - MHS Homes

Driving Continuous Improvement through innovation

You never know where your next magnificent idea might come from. We'll help you collaborate, collect, evaluate, and implement innovative ideas, brilliantly.

Bubble up idea management software

Deliver better service provision.

Enabling brilliant ideas to bubble up drives a performance culture, sense of inclusion and continuous improvement.

Innovation enables everyone to deliver better, more focused operational outcomes for our communities and assures our commissioners, partners and communities we are well led.

Team thinking of ways to improve risk management and performance

High impact idea management software

Convert ideas into results.

InPhase automates the process of assuring what needs to get done does.

Whether you need to meet national guidance requirements, local goals, risks mitigation or SOP's, bring these elements together with ideas and innovation to help deliver dramatically better outcomes for your stakeholders.

Connecting ideas to reporting and better outcomes

Idea management software for everyone

Rapid cost savings and ROI.

Ideas set you apart and bring organisational kudos. They also drive cost savings, create efficiencies and deliver a better customer experience.

From tiny cost saving ideas to inventing the next world improving solution, ideas are at the heart of being brilliant.

making cost savings through ideas

Tell the whole business story.

Suggestion box for ideas


Create a governance and leadership culture that facilitates easy collection of ideas and opinions.

Revisit the pot of ideas at any time, especially when strategic, risk, crisis or any re-planning occurs.

The stages for ideas and prioratisation


Evaluate likely impact on local goals, internal processes, national standards, or the community.

Make feedback to innovators, whoever they are, reliable, easy, recordable and relevant. If it's an idea worth doing, celebrate and share the benefit or explain why it's not right now.

The performance of the ideas deployed

Incubate and deploy

Monitor, manage and continually assess the impact ideas have on quality and performance.

Everything your teams need from a central repository of evidence to discussion, KPI's and linked audits to implement the idea.

Let all services monitor and benchmark themselves against national standards and best practice to see how innovation stands you

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Your Building Blocks

Building blocks are useable across all functions and solutions. These ones are popular for those who want to help teams share and develop ideas.

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