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Governance, Risk and Compliance Software

Modernise risk. Make it part of the day job.

Enable managers to mitigate issues before they happen and in real-time, deploy the required SOP when they do.

  • Make risk relevant, easy and simple for the user
  • Take the pain out of risk regulation
  • Be crisis ready
  • If an action must happen, ensure it does.
Connecting GRC, Performance, Audit and governance
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Newport City Council

"...we have seen individuals and service areas utilise the system more effectively in decision making, using the system to manage risk and being more proactive in terms of managing that risk."
a photo of Paul Flint from newport city council

Paul Flint

Senior Performance Management Officer - Newport City Council

Ensures Maximum Compliance.

Plan, prepare, be risk ready.
Give clear, concise, easy instructions on what to do when risks occur.

Assured governance, risk and compliance software

Make the world a safer place.

Health and regulated bodies can have a greater impact on world safety than any other market place.

Avoiding or mitigating failures, incidents or reputational damage needs forethought. When risks happen,  they can be catastrophic. Be prepared with InPhase and radically reduce your risk of failure.

Unified governance, risk and compliance software

Automated governance, risk and compliance software

Make risk decisions with confidence.

  • Prioritize risks, and associated spend
  • Easily evidence risks, safety, and effectiveness of service provision
  • Continually predict risks
  • Lessen the effects of risks
  • Be the RockStar Risk Manager who REALLY makes a difference
Automate governance, risk and compliance software

Aligned governance, risk and compliance software

Work under one roof.

Detached risk registers are weak and helpless.

Strategy's, projects, actions, KPI’s and audits each have risks that need to be considered and prioritised with automatically cascading mitigation plans enabled.

See where actions to mitigate one risk also drive success in other areas, so you not only capture, but do, less.

Aligned governance, risk and compliance software
"The software has exceeded our expectations, using the easy to use features we have been able to embed all our Performance Measures, Service Plans, Audit and Risk actions to capture service delivery requests ‘once then use numerous times’ reducing duplication."
a photo of Allan Oldfield from fylde borough council

Allan Oldfield

Chief Executive - Fylde Borough Council

With InPhase you can plan, execute and manage operational readiness.

Example compliance screen with risk matrix and dials

Risk Compliance

  • Make sure everyone can see how they contribute and the value this has
  • Make communication continual, easy and tracked
  • Listen to ideas and feedback
  • Make best use of people skills in well aligned goals and activity
  • Give praise and congratulate on jobs well one
  • Make performance a continual less scary process
Example risk register

Risk Assurance

  • Give everyone clarity on what they are trying to achieve
  • Link directly to the data to manage by fact and process
  • Facilitate collaboration real time to gain collective insight and faster decision making
  • Generate activities focused on results
  • Provide context, prioritisation and impact analysis so only the best decisions get implemented.

Crisis Management

  • Respond instantly to fast changing priorities, risks, policies and plans while working from any location.
  • One stop crisis management solution available out of the box and deployable the same day
  • Know the health of all employees in real-time.
  • Automate succession planning and roll over critical actions.
  • Predict likely outcomes

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Your Building Blocks

Building blocks are useable across all functions and solutions. These ones are popular for those who need to be risk ready, prepared and efficient.

Risk Matrix Icon

Risk Matrix

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Risk Dashboards Icon

Risk Dashboards

Rapid Alerting Icon

Rapid Alerting

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Time Tracking Icon

Time Tracking

Manager Escalation Icon

Manager Escalation

Supplier Collaboration Icon

Supplier Collaboration

Rapid Replan Icon

Rapid Replan

Quick Park Icon

Quick Park

Staff Health Check-in Icon

Staff Health Check-in

Prediction Algorithm Icon

Prediction Algorithm

PPE and Stock Reporting Icon

PPE and Stock Reporting

Skills Tracking Icon

Skills Tracking

Succession Planning Icon

Succession Planning

Skills Management Icon

Skills Management

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