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SMT and Head of Performance Open Webinar

1 Hour | Public Services | Senior Management
Transform your business: Help your teams make more informed decisions faster, based on fact and process.

In this free webinar you'll learn:

  • Cashable saving: Automate corporate report production: Board reporting, performance reporting, quality business management reports. Streamline, automate, reduce the dependency on key staff. One client saved 1.5 FTE in their first month of implementing this with InPhase.
  • Faster decision making; Real-time data: get notified of critical issues fast
  • Governance: have issues in areas like children’s services or adult? Make sure you are on top of killer metrics AND you know what the business is doing to sort issues out.
  • Reduce the creation of more databases. Need a new set of data – creating another excel spreadsheet? InPhase will stop that for you. Leverage and blend existing data sets to get what you need when you need it.
  • Sharing information with the public: Open data– you have an open data portal. You can have one just like this in a day!
  • Sharing information internally: Real-time dashboards, on TV around the office - make them touch screen and let anyone interact with your data when they want to.

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