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An Introduction to InPhase21

29th January | 2pm | InPhase Customers Only
Join us for an exclusive, essential introduction to InPhase21 – the fastest, most flexible version of our game-changing solution yet.

As a valued InPhase user, you already know how our solution gives your organisation a bedrock of trust and reliability in governance, assurance and compliance, however, we’ve never believed in resting on our laurels and we’re always striving to help you work smarter rather than harder. That’s why we’re proud to announce InPhase21 – a significant new update for savvy organisations who want to improve speed to benefit.

Don’t miss this exclusive, essential webinar for a free orientation to your newest features and a demonstration of how they help you get the job done more quickly and easily than ever before.

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Your time is precious and the less time you spend collating, understanding and presenting information is time that’s available to turn your organisation into something truly special. That’s why this unmissable webinar will show you how the new version will help you draw on the right information at the right time, present it in the right way, help you make the right decisions proactively and determine the next best actions to take.

Learn how our new design features help you reduce wasted effort, reduce duplicated work and create clear and intuitive reports that truly engage and drive action.

Learn how the all-new features and changes help you deliver benefits even faster, including:

  • A new Designer that’s been created from the ground up to work in any browser.
  • A fully responsive product for both front and back ends.
  • All-new tools to build pages at warp speed, with new page layout builder and design tools.
  • Enhanced dialogs and menus to help you do the simple things simply and easily.
  • A new in-browser administrator.

Hosting this session:

Robert Hobbs


Robert is the originator of the TOMASTM approach and the InPhaseTM software package. As Managing Director of InPhase he has been the senior figure involved in designing and delivering performance measurement support systems for both public and privately held organisations around the world.

Andrew Bingham

Director of Customer Success

Andrew is responsible for our customer success team, tasked with helping our customers make the most of the opportunities presented by our product features and key business responsibilities of customer retention, adoption and expansion.

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