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How to effectively use data to drive multi-level performance improvement with intelligent dashboard

  • 60 Minutes
  • Healthcare
  • Performance & Dashboards

In this exclusive 60-minute web conference you will learn how to use your organisation’s data to propel performance improvement at every level, featuring real-life examples from special guests Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust. You will also learn about the tools Birmingham Community Healthcare are implementing to do so and how they can be utilised by your teams.

You will learn the ways that Birmingham has created a multi-level cultural change that encourages staff to take ownership of their data and an organisation-wide commitment to improvement. We will explore how Birmingham manages improvement actions to further supplement their commitment to learning and improvement. You will also learn how Birmingham utilises dashboard customisation to make their data easily accessible and take away key practical ways that your teams can benefit from the clear visualisation of data.

You will also get an exclusive look at the InPhase Performance Management tool and discover how InPhase encourages comprehensive performance management, shaping a holistic view of organisational dynamics. Learn how Birmingham creates and assigns actions, diligently tracks their completion, and evaluates the performance of these actions while extracting invaluable lessons.

Case study of...
Kent and Medway NHS and Social Care Partnership


Andrew Bingham

Deputy Chief Executive, InPhase

Andrew is responsible for our customer success team, tasked with helping our customers make the most of the opportunities presented by our product features and key business responsibilities of customer retention, adoption and expansion.

Ashley Murtagh

Director of Performance, Contracting & Information at Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

Leading a large team consisting of three corporate departments within one of the largest Community and Specialist NHS Trust in the NHS, Ashley is responsible for the design and dynamic delivery of strategic and operational objectives with the Contracting, Performance and Information departments.

This fast-paced web conference will explain these key areas:

  • We will breakdown the fundamentals of effective performance management, KPIs, and dashboarding in a healthcare setting.
  • We will explore Birmingham's approach to dashboard customisation and discover practical tips for maximising the visual representation of performance data.
  • You will find out how Birmingham diligently tracks the completion of actions and evaluates their performance, extracting valuable lessons for continuous improvement.
  • You will learn ways to encourage staff to take ownership of their data for a culture of commitment to performance improvement.
  • You will see the multi-level performance management inherent in the InPhase system and understand how it encourages a holistic view of organisational dynamics.

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