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Is QI actually helpful? - Video

1 Hour | Health Services | Quality Improvement
In this 60 minute webinar our healthcare team, we'll discuss whether quality improvement is actually helpful for the NHS.

Following the recent CQC publication “Quality improvement in hospital trusts” in September, everyone seems to have an opinion about QI so we have put together a quick webinar to lay down what Q! is and how this it can become something useful in your trust.

We'll take you through 5 key areas that we believe will help you find the right system to improve and get QI going in your trust:

  • Perfecting projects to help with QI
  • Why you need to have visibility of critical tasks (and how to best get it)
  • Streamlining organisation wide metrics from lots of data sources
  • Making Assurance more visible within your organisation
  • Save time and be consistent with pre-built frameworks for QI (CQC/NICE/fundamental standards)