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Improve your CQC rating - Case Study Conference

How InPhase can be used in any provider setting to digitise quality improvement and improve CQC ratings, including Mayflower Medical Group primary care case study.
  • 60 Minutes
  • Healthcare
  • Quality Assurance

With the change in Primary Care service provision in mind, this conference includes a Primary Care case study from Mayflower Medical Group, a GP Practise in Plymouth, on how the amazing work from their teams, supported by InPhase as their quality and patient safety tool of choice enabled them to improve their CQC ratings from Inadequate to Good in six months.

Robert Hobbs

Chief Executive Officer, InPhase

As our Chief Executive and Founder, Robert has been the visionary leading InPhase to be one of the UK's leading providers of healthcare governance and assurance solutions, helping organisations align their actions, priorities and outcomes more easily and effectively using InPhase's suite of integrated apps.

Paul Clinton

Chief Solutions Officer, InPhase

Paul has vast expertise in healthcare, NHS, independent providers and social care, from practical experience and implementations of dozens of healthcare systems over the past decade. Leading the design and integration of solutions today using the InPhase suite with unparalleled knowledge.

Laura Marshall

Co-Founder, L&L Consultancy Group

Laura Marshall from L&L Consultancy Group will share her expert views on how going digital with InPhase can strengthen and support your Primary Care Organisation manage the higher visibility from CQC and NHS England and what the organisational, budgetary and structural changes will mean for your organisation.

Rachael Penny

Quality & Performance Manager, Mayflower Medical Group

With 14 years in NHS Primary Care with experience in clinical governance, practice management, operations and project management. Rachael has been the key driver in the success of InPhase at Mayflower Medical Group

Jo Beniston

Head of Clinical Governance & Improvement, Livewell Mayflower

Jo is a District Nurse Specialist Practitioner by background and has worked in leadership and management roles with a strong focus on patient safety and quality of care. She joined Mayflower Medical Group in September 2023 and with InPhase providing the foundation, she was able to rapidly implement systems and processes to demonstrate a commitment to learning from patient safety events (LFPSE), patient feedback and management of risk.

This exclusive conference will cover these key areas:

  • How Mayflower Medical Group raised their CQC ratings from Inadequate to Good using InPhase over 6 months
  • How digital tools offer the best support for both Primary Care and Secondary Care providers for assurance and improvement
  • What tools Primary Care Organisations need to have in place to manage the upcoming changes and increased scrutiny from CQC and NHS England
  • The key parts of managing the quality assurance process that all organisations need to think about and crucial advice for moving forward
  • A look at the new InPhase digital system built for healthcare providers that can help ease your teams into a better way of working

Fancy a closer look?

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