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How to Seamlessly Integrate Planning, Performance, Project and Risk

45 Mins | Public Services | Planning, Projects & Risks
This recorded web conference will teach you how you can digitise integrated assurance for your entire management team in a way that’s nurturing, engaging and intuitive for everyone, creating an inclusive improvement culture.

You’ll see our proven, easy-to-use solution first-hand, built in collaboration with some of our most prestigious customers, including London Fire Brigade and key local authorities.

Our 360-degree portals deliver a full diagnostics and compliance toolkit for your entire organisation, helping users from Board to frontline and from inspector to partner, to make better, faster decisions based on real-time facts, processes and collaboration.

Rapidly and coherently re-plan from top to bottom, join outcomes with their operational objectives, link risks to outcomes and connect all of them to your projects and actions.

If you’re spending far too much valuable time wading through the complexities of managing risk, ensuring compliance and keeping your projects relevant to a rapidly-changing reality, this concise 45-minute webinar is an essential guide on how to seamlessly integrate your organization’s planning, performance, project and risk (PPPR) more effortlessly, and give your organisation more agility and control than ever before.

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Your host:

Robert Hobbs


Robert, the Chief Executive Officer of InPhase, founded InPhase as a business management tools and applications software author to enable organisations to improve the achievement of their business goals.

Get ahead with these 5 key areas covered in the webinar:

  • How to seamlessly assimilate any or all of your planning, performance, project, actions and risk data into a single, joined-up view.
  • How integrating your approaches helps your organisation make better decisions faster.
  • How to make it easier and faster to ensure compliance and spend less time managing risk
  • How to automatically deliver the pertinent information to each individual
  • How to ensure your projects and actions are as relevant and effective as possible

What are InPhase Apps?

With far less time than ever to act, react and change direction, you need to ensure that the new solution you choose can be deployed quickly and start delivering benefits as soon as possible.

That’s why InPhase Apps are pre-built, templated solutions that our in-house industry experts have created to give you maximum benefit in minimum time.

Our incredibly powerful tools will help you manage all your strategic planning, projects, risks, performance management, decision tracking supplier management and more, and deploy them all within days! Learn More.

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