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Decision Making Software

Better, faster-paced decisions

Safeguard that better faster, more aligned decisions are continuously made. Embed continuous performance improvement from staff, suppliers and partners, ensuring everyone feels supported in the process.

Crisis management action screen for better decisions on the fly

Get critical alerting of universal business issues, real time.

Reactive decisions

When making fast, good decisions matters have the information you need AND ensure what needs to get done is delivered on time on budget. Got actions and decisions flying around on email? Add them into InPhase direct from your Outlook in- box, assuring that in times of highly reactive change, nothing gets dropped.

Planned Decisions

Whether is SOP's by job role, actions planned at the beginning of the week in a team meeting, risk mitigation, or audit recommendations, if you planned to do it make sure you do. Real time alerting when critical actions aren’t delivered.

Crisis Decisions

Decision making is as much about what to STOP. Track and log everything that deviates you away from your business plan. There’s a time you’ll need this when the crisis subsides and a new normal returns.

Give performance a helping hand with decision making software

Make better decisions.

Making better decisions is easy with InPhase. Everything people need to make better decisions is in one place:

  • Know what success looks like,
  • Impact analysis easily understood.
  • Lessons learnt
  • Current SOP’s
  • Associated documentation
  • Collaboration, opinion and subjective input
  • Facts, numbers & data at your fingertips
Reports used to make better decisions based on fact

Unified decision making, enterprise wide

One version of the truth.

Ensure your next meeting is spend discussing next best steps, not whether the data is right.

InPhase’s one version of the truth not only drives consistency in data, but in everything, including; performance parameters, reporting, audit, risks, actions , past decisions and SOP’s. Get your teams working from the same set of information so they can make the next right decision.

all performance, audit, risk and compliance reports from one version of the truth

Evolving decision making software

Decision Logs.

Tracking decisions with the InPhase decision logger means you can

  • Learn lessons. Be better next time
  • Minimise the cost to restore normal operations
  • What to unpick if and when you need to
  • Predict the impact of decisions
  • Identify when and where SOP’s need to be updated
  • Fully integrate risk management & business continuity planning into decisions
Decision tracker and decision log

Automated decision making software

Crisis Decision making.

The InPhase Decision Experience is your one-stop crisis management solution to cascade the actions needed as a result of rapid decision making and risk mitigation.

Crisis home page to add and identify priority actions

Helping everyone make more effective actionable decisions

More than just decision support, InPhases captures and tracks the actions, identifying impact and where changes need to occur

Decision Tracker Overview

Crisis Decisions

Activity Decisions

Never a burden. Always helpful.

"People find it easy to use, they can get in and out do their thing fast. In terms of communicating information fast, its good. People can just have a quick look and get access to the information they need as quickly as possible, it’s just a quicker easier progress to do performance management."

a photo of John Ainsworth form bracknell forest council

John Ainsworth

Policy and Partnerships Manager – Bracknell Forest Council

Building Blocks

AI & Analytics in InPhase bring together these building blocks...
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Rapid Alerting




Critical Path

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Quick Park

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Prediction Algorithms

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Manager Escalation

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