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Crisis Management Software

Be prepared. Be agile. Be caring.

Respond instantly to fast changing priorities, risks, policies and plans while working from any location. The one stop crisis management solution available out of the box and deployable the same day.

Crisis Dashboard for command centre

Pivot on the spot. Step up and help your team succeed.

In crisis or business as usual, ensure you have an effective plan that's ready to deploy.

My Team

Know what percentage of each team are fully operational, partially operational or completely out of action. Quick Phone update by staff each morning or shift.

My Crisis Action Centre

Streamline and safeguard your critical actions by orchestrating all crisis activities, by Command, by team and by individual.

My Changing Resources

Priority action failover succession. Automatically re-route priority actions from ‘out of action’ to fully or partially operational staff.

My Escalation

Manual and automated escalation of critical issues and actions to management and Command hierarchy.

My Decision

Facilitates fast and accurate capture and tracking of all decisions that are being made including their short and long-term impact.

My Training

Rapid identification of the training people need to fill gaps in delivery of business actions during times of crisis. Personalised tracking of training progress, and aggregated reporting of progress.

Crisis Management Software

The Command Room.

Hierarchy of real-time virtual Command rooms for Gold – Silver – Bronze Commanders (strategic, tactical and operational) team leaders and individuals.

connected inphase staff ready in a crisis

Crisis Management Software that cares

Employee Wellness.

You can’t expect employees to be productive if you don’t first make sure they are ok. This is never more the case than in times of crisis. Help show you really care then inspire others and build their inner confidence.

Crisis Management Software for productivity

Succession Planning.

When resources are thin, make sure everyone's focused only on what matters most. If individuals are coming in and out of the enterprise automatically focus them rapidly on what matters. Drive out wasted effort.

Plan, deploy, re-plan. Be effective, and improve when it matters

Automate SOP's for critialrisks . Identify which projects to stop or revise. Set new targets. Supports you before, during and after the crisis.

Supporting teams in crisis

Critical actions

Easy to use

Better decisions

"InPhase makes the golden thread between our Council priorities and the work of individual teams a reality, enabling us to make better informed decisions.”
a photo of sarah barnes from solihull metropolitan borough council

Sarah Barnes

Head of Business Intelligence and Improvement - Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council
automatic prioritisation of critical issues

Holistic Crisis Management

Because being prepared matters, especially in a crisis
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