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On demand business intelligence

Give data meaning and purpose

Put critical information into the hands of every decision maker. Combine it with project , audit, risk and subjective information including the "why".

Create everything a virtual boardroom, team meeting, inspector or individual needs to prioritise, re-plan and decide on the best next actions.

Reinventing the world of data


Connect to transactions systems, taking data from each, and merge the data into new views.

Insights like you’ve never seen before, created with a simple click. Let your business managers tell new stories by mixing and matching data tables across systems.


Already got lots of Qlik, Power Bi or Tableau reports? We’ll blend then along side native InPhase information AND make that data actionable, capturing the actions plans you create, and link the widgets back up to the impacted project, audit or goal.


Provide a reliable, auditable and flexible multi-user data capture capability.

Whether it's for data, audit, goals, KPI's, projects, meetings, policy, compliance or context. get the complete picture.

Holistic business intelligence

A complete picture.

The InPhase approach cleverly enables an incredibly easy way for people to track everything a virtual boardroom, team meeting, inspector or individual needs to prioritise, re-plan and decide on the best next actions.

  • Context, opinion, collective views
  • Action Assurance
  • BI data, past present and predicted.
  • Impact Analysis & Modelling

Simple Business Intelligence

Easy with Excel.

Not all BI needs to be created by IT. Connect to your local Excel spreadsheets in 3 clicks, even blending different excel spreadsheet together. Play with the data direct in InPhase and link to goals and projects. Demystify data and create a culture of transparency.

Unifying BI and performance management

Any insights, anytime.

See insights every minute of every day, live. Be it data from the source systems, comments and collaboration or project and programme updates.

InPhase is the single place to access any information about the organisation in real-time. Enable calculations on the fly and in a few simple clicks.

Fun, intuitive dashboards that facilitate action.

  • Self-service

    Let your users play with information, and self discover.

    Sorting, filtering, pivoting, drill down, drill up, flagging, liking, totalling are all easy and intuitive for InPhase users.

  • Easy to build

    Deliver to thousands – but create just once.

  • Push and Pull Information

    Supporting both technophobes and geeks alike, dashboards can be created to push pre defined criteria at a user driving precisely, with little interactively, the focus and priorities for the week, or let your users roam and explore finding trends and critical issues themselves.

  • Bubble Up

    Know something's going wrong, but it’s not yet reflected in the data – Bubble up lets you force issues to a dashboard or report requesting remedial decision support immediately.

Because making BI useful and effective really matters

Be the Rock Star. Leverage your existing BI implemention and make it stellar.

Easy to interpret

Smart Charts

Rock star customer success

"Instantly you can see where the fires are happening, what types they are, how quickly did we get there.

We had seen InPhase on the other two attempts when we had gone out to tender for a performance management system, and by that time around, the development of InPhase was so much greater. So, I was not just buying a business intelligence system, I was also buying projects."

a photo of liz ridley from east sussex fire and rescue

Liz Ridley

Head of Performance Management – East Sussex Fire & Rescue

Building Blocks

Business Intelligence in InPhase bring together these building blocks, and many more.
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Data Connections

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Predicted Outturn

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Resolution Hub

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