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4 steps to a performance culture with InPhase

Take a staged, step by step incremental march towards a culture based on quality and performance. InPhase partners with Councils on their journey to being more modern, inclusive, nurturing AND outcome results focused.
  • Council specific templates ready out of the box, but full drag and drop customisation when you are ready
  • A single easy to use, unifying platform for the council, partners and suppliers
  • One version of the truth creating unified decisions and better actions
  • Created by users, for users in Council and public service provision

Trusted by Local Government decision makers...

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Newport City Council

"...we have seen individuals and service areas utilise the system more effectively in decision making, using the system to manage risk and being more proactive in terms of managing that risk."
A photo of paul flint from newport city council

Paul Flint

Senior Performance Management Officer - Newport City Council

Enterprise Performance Management journey

Step One - Automate one version of the truth.

Word and Excel copy and paste is abolished!

All business elements that need improving are automated for data collection. Management and reporting is streamlined. Auditable, multi-user single version of the truth.

a graphic showing the data moving from transaction services through the system to the end goal

The performance culture journey

Step Two - Alignment and Effective reporting.

  • A cohesive set of aligned strategies removing duplicated effort and ineffectual action
  • Clear accountability with real time alerting
  • Alignment cascade so services can see how they fit into the picture and their value
  • Reduction in wasted activity through alignment of effort
the inphase smt council performance dashboard

Full decision support

Step Three - Empowered decisions.

Decisions are based on holistic easily accessible facts, best practice, lessons learnt. Duplicating mistakes is dramatically reduced. Ownership is devolved so that teams can make more autonomous, better faster decisions.
A table from the InPhase decision making app

The aligned, efficient, engaged enterprise

Step Four - Performance Culture.

  • All employees empowerment is facilitated
  • Widespread management by fact, process & collaboration
  • A genuine sense of being in it together. Continuous improvement achieved
  • Gain assurance that the right actions happen at the right time
a graphic showing the different priorities of each team going through inphase and goals being reached

Key Benefits


From data entry to reporting and analytics, InPhase automates your repetitive, exasperating processes. Simple, easy screens help users where needed from ad hoc data capture, to one of drag a and drop reports, it’s all easy. Design for everyone from floor to Board.


Information will no longer be disjointed. Capture once and pivot to see intelligence in your frame of reference. Whether it’s personal, team, service or by risk register, service, performance or Board report. Your one version and model will enable you to quickly pivot. You’ll be amazed at how a little information goes a long way!


One unified platform to nurture team performance and create an inclusive culture.

Ensure everyone can get on with what needs to be done, at the right time and feel assured they are supported in being efficient and brilliant.

Out-the-box solutions

Experienced in working with over 120 Councils, of every size in every type of department, InPhases’ pedigree is second to none. From quick reports and data collection automation projects to full unitary transformation you can be assured you're working with a team that combined industry specific specialist skills and software.

Incident Oversight App

A better system for Incidents. Designed to maximise learning from patient safety events and drive continuous quality improvement.

Risk Management App

Modernise the process of managing risk, giving your managers real-time awareness to help mitigate issues before they happen, and handle risks with the correct procedures when they do.

Decision Tracker App

The InPhase Decision App is your one-stop solution cascading the actions needed as a result of rapid decision making and risk mitigation.

Board Assurance Framework App

A fully integrated Board Assurance Framework management app that helps you deliver thorough, real-time oversight of strategic risk to outcomes founded on solid confidence.

Strategic Planning App

InPhase is the single integrated toolkit that provides a unique platform from which your business manages can quickly, easily and with minimal fuss deliver everything they need for effective business planning.

Project Management App

Embedding out-of-the-box the expertise of InPhase consultants in best practice PMO and Project management the App accommodates your holistic needs, making projects more likely to succeed. From small quick projects through PRINCE II deployments, the App is there to support the needs of each team in your business.

Action Planner App

A user friendly, easy App to give you complete visibility of who is doing what, by when, and automatically catch up what’s being missed.

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