Private Equity and VC Investors

Providing portfolio assurance for your investments.

Real-time reporting and mentoring across all your investments for all measures of performance.

“Using InPhase we can get real-time assurance on 30 companies, and a fund value of £100 million. We have found no other solution that can offer us the flexibility of operational and financial management combined. We can even align our mentoring programme to the delivery of these outcomes. We can manage better with InPhase.”

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Portfolio Assurance for the Private Equity and VC Investor

Portfolio Assurance for the Private Equity and VC Investor

Need an up to date holistic view of your Portfolio? InPhase gives you instant, intuitive, out of the box, real-time dashboards for your multiple investment businesses, for all your key measures of performance from Financial Stability to Customer Engagement.

Anywhere, on any device, be alerted to predicted or actual issues.

Reporting: Evolved

Reporting: Evolved

Traditionally investors are used to getting hard or soft copies of high-quality financial reporting for transparency and investors’ needs at the end of a reporting period. But collaboration and business management for the virtualised community has moved on, and InPhase leads the way.

Now you can have a single space to:

  1. Create, manage and analyse each investment’s business plan.
  2. Collaborate and discuss issues.
  3. Define action plans and track performance against the outcomes.
  4. Mange tactical and operational deployment, with real time issue notificatio.n
  5. Automate the process of data collection and reporting.
  6. Roll up investment performance to give you your overall fund(s) performance analysis which can be discussed internally in your secure environment.
  7. Access any level, any time, from anywhere.
Easy Mentoring Aligned to Outcomes

Easy Mentoring Aligned to Outcomes

If you are the sort of Investor that likes to actively contribute to company decisions, or take positions on the Board, but you don’t want to run the company, InPhase is for you.

InPhase is the environment where concerns can be sent directly to you – both automatically from the data and by managers in the business.

Chat with the Portfolio business, identify action plans and even track on going performance of these actions against the Key Outcomes over time.

Whether it’s helping with further fund raising or defining recruitment approaches, see how operationally your advice is being implemented, real-time.

InPhase makes your business planning and strategy come alive – it’s the glue that sticks your Portfolios together, virtually.

One system. Multi-party. Unique to each.


Enable each investment business to have their area of management information


Automatically maintain your own aggregate portal across all investments

Filter everything

Slice data and information across all businesses (e.g. see risk management across the entire portfolio)

Automatic Data

Automate the data collection process

Automatic Reports

Automate the report production processes

Critical Improvement

Free critical teams to undertake analysis and identify critical improvement areas.

Critical Notifications

Push critical issues to those that matter, at a time when it matters.

An Overall Picture

Need to understand Portfolio projections and scenario data for future investment outcomes?
Are you buying attractive assets and achieving exits – if not why not?
Is it a common theme across every investment?

Rolled-up Data

Rolled-up Data

InPhase shows each investment and rolls up all your data from across each investment business so you can get any picture of your fund performance.

Expert Monitoring

Expert Monitoring

Monitor holdings and exposures by asset class, sectors and regions and drill down into detailed portfolio performance even to the operational and where desirable transaction level.

Detailed Compliance

Detailed Compliance

Want to see compliance breaches across the portfolio – it’s a click away!

Complete Control

Complete Control

Monitor what’s important, make templates for future investments, and tailor as required. You can take full control of how you and your Portfolio implements InPhase.

Sharing information

Specialist open data portals share with the public, or interested third parties the success of your portfolio businesses.

Long gone are the days where an annual letter or report detailing a fund’s activities, performance and headline calculations of net assets are all that is supplied. Now it’s an online portal sharing the information regularly, dynamically and efficiently.

It’s pushed out approved data at the click of a button into amazing pre-defined formats, we know everyone loves.

InPhase has a range of off-the-shelf and customising capabilities to meet all your investment reporting needs.

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