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Enterprise-grade implementation services, to maximise value and engage users.


Implementation and Strategy Resource, Workshops and Facilitation in your office, or over the internet.

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User training in the cloud, blended, onsite and at InPhase HQ from 1 to 100 users.

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InPhase delivery has 5 simple steps.


Ensure that there is a shared understanding of the priority outcomes that we are supporting with the Enterprise Performance Solution.


Design the initial performance portal. Combine base templates with custom development to give intuitive Reports, Interactive Dashboards and Geographical mapping tailored templates that will be deployed as your standard across multiple areas.


Schedule and execute the iterative development of each of the design elements to deliver support for your chosen management approaches; Plan-Do-Check-Act, Plan-Do-Review, Balanced Scorecard, Objectives, Goals, KPI, Projects, Actions, Risks, and real-time operational dashboards and collaboration.


Grow the extent of the portal and incrementally deploy it in each of the business areas in an agreed deployment roll-out. Gain feedback and rapidly evolve the design to improve its effectiveness in your organisation.


The run and maintain stage should continue to be used as an evolutionary stage. Deepening the uses of INPHASE and increasing the value of the solution through iterative evolution to the initial users, and a growing number of users over time.


We deliver consultancy services in a mixed approach that fits around your work preferences, location and allows you to juggle other commitments.

We will always recommend an on-site kick-off workshop of 1 or 2 days, followed by additional on-site and remote delivery sessions. However you want to become self-sufficient, we will be there for you at every step of the journey.

In addition to offering straight implementation services, we can also offer executive seminars and workshops for your SMT and other governance groups. Make contact today to find the best way to achieve your goals.


We strongly recommend our most popular form of training: blended learning.

This combines the best of self-paced learning with expert instruction and guidance from an instructor. You can take the courses over any duration, or come back to them at any point in the future, for up to one year after the start of the course. You can re-take any modules you found challenging but useful.

If blended learning is not practical in your organisation, we also offer training at InPhase HQ and also at your own site. We offer discounts for bulk purchases. We will also offer more formal accreditations, coming shortly. Look out for our monthly training dates. We are new taking bookings now.

Our Consultancy Approach

Our additional consultancy services include strategy and realisation of business and service planning, creating and working with SMART objectives, the Deming Plan – Do – Check – Act cycle, and other highly regarded performance management approaches such as Balanced Scorecard, Continuous Improvement, PMO / Project Office, and Risk management.

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