The InPhase App for NICE compliance helps you achieve total accountability and visibility of your NICE compliance for complete peace of mind.

Delivered over the web it’s so simple and easy to use it requires NO training – even for people updating recommendations.


This special assurance App gives you peace of mind that you have accountability and visibility, in the most rigorous and efficient way, for compliance with the standards set out by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence... and makes it super easy!

The App enables you to reduce the burden of periodic manual production of reports for committees, as NICE assessment and evidence collation processes becomes on-going, live and easy!

Our online App helps you to put the NICE quality monitoring standard at the heart of your performance. If you want a really effective way of realistically and honestly driving and measuring priority quality improvements within a particular area of care – InPhase is the solution for you.

The secure App is designed so that staff can access, update, add commentary and attach evidence on the recommendations at each location.

The InPhase solution is a single hub to capture NICE, which is visible across the entire organisation to authorised users at the click of a button.

With the ability to produce local reports, to your own specification, as frequently as your wish from the Administrator level to the end user.

Most reports are provided out of the box but if you need anything that’s bespoke, creating reports from scratch is quick, easy and engaging.

NICE Checklist

The InPhase NICE checklist enables you to compare vendors quickly and easily. It also assures you of our marketing leading capabilities.

NICE Requirements InPhase
Assessment - for each individual piece of NICE guidance
Existing / published pre-loaded into the system
New guidance loaded into the system by the supplier
Details of each recommendation for each piece of guidance included in the system
Narrative fields for each Guidance and recommendation for each of Compliance, Assurance and Risk assessments
Overall compliance/assurance/risk rating for guidance
A compliance/assurance/risk rating for each recommendation
Guidance applicable to the organisation Yes/No selection
Associate a risk, or many risks to the guidance, and link to more than one guidance as applicable
The ability to send one piece of guidance / requests for action to multiple clinical leads
Requests for completion of baseline assessment to be sent to clinicians via e-mail from the system
Ability to archive (and retrieve) non-applicable evidence so that it does not appear on reports but is still available to review at a later date should service changes make it applicable
Archive previous baseline assessments, but still available to view under that record
Action Plans
Unique reference for each action. Action Description, owner, targets date, start dates, due dates, end dates
Ability to generate reports on status across the library of guidance on a selected date
Action open/closed flag
Ability to complete a task and flag poor performance ( completion does not automatically generate a green star performance)
Overall action plan for the guidance
Actions to be recorded against individual recommendations
Ability to restrict closure permissions to the administrator or other defined manager
Actions by Individual and by Department
Evidence Recording
The ability to attach multiple items of evidence for each recommendation
Ability to record audit information against each recommendation within guidance including registration form, reports and outcomes
Ability to hyperlink to evidence held externally to the system
Automatic e-mail alert to lead staff for new actions
Automatic e-mail alert to lead staff for approaching deadlines for actions at intervals we select
Escalation of actions to the responsible officer's manager
Local configuration of the tool - appearance and reporting
Multiple users are able to log on simultaneously
Administrator function locally
Reporting functionality
Ability to produce an on-screen overall dashboard report for NICE guidance for the whole Trust and for organisational units with a breakdown by;
  • Guidance type
  • State of compliance / Assurance
  • Risk
  • # of applicable guidance's
  • Publish reports to an external web site
Web style interface to match our own intranet / internet
The tool must be flexible so that standards can be amended swiftly when they change. The tool should enable the local administrator to amend standards as necessary to avoid the reliance on another provider, either internal or external.
The ability to produce local reports, to their own specifications, as frequently as any user wishes – no training should be required to do this
User Input
Intuitive interface that guides the user through the functions required so that clinicians will need no or very limited training to use the system and respond to workflow requests
Input screens must be based on routines and processes that users may already be familiar with (e.g. a hierarchical folder structure, web browser), are likely to facilitate implementation
The software should be fun and engaging for the user to operate with ideally a web site styled interface ( eg not more complicated than a common site such as
Full comment and Facebook style discussion forums should be included at all levels of the structure, with the ability to set up user defined discussion forums too
Vendors should offer option CBT for end users based on out locally delivered system
System Requirements InPhase
Overall delivery - technical
Option to host locally or in the Cloud
SQL based system. No proprietary database layer.
Cloud based with limited or no local server requirement
Compatible with Microsoft office applications and Windows software. Ideally a Microsoft Partner, silver level or above
Data storage on servers located within the UK
Action plans interchangeable with MS outlook tasks
Single sign on option is locally hosted.
The system should be compliant with the relevant safety and security requirements of the Trust and any external regulations (e.g. Data Protection Act)
The software should be DDA compliant
We should be able to print any screen in software as a A4 and A3 portrait or landscape report with no recreation of the screen reports layout or design
The system should be supported and updates provided as necessary to enable on-going functionality
Training for implementation and on-going support for the administrator must be available
On-line and telephone access to support must be available with a response to urgent requests within 1 hour and other requests within 24hrs
Resilience - the system must have business continuity plans to ensure that it is available to the Trust in all circumstances other than those of a local, hospital based nature
The tool must be configured to the organisation's structure during commissioning - and be included in the quote
The tool must have all current/published NICE guidance uploaded into or available from the system
The tool must be configured to present the user interface and report structure to meet the administrator's needs
The Administrator must be trained to perform local administration functions to include user account creation, configuration of the system appearance, reports, e-mail communication
Transfer of existing information from the current records into the system in a form that enables management of the guidance and system potential

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