Action Management


Gain complete visibility of who is doing what, and by when it must be delivered. Improve resource management, understand difficulties and blockers earlier and deliver your teams actions right, first time.


Powerful action tracking software system that helps ensure your agreed management actions and tasks are tracked and that their performance is monitored.

  • Record, assign and allocate any number of actions to staff or managers
  • Align actions to desired goals, projects, outcomes and risks to see which have the highest impact
  • Set target dates and auto-alerts for implementation
  • Automatically notify and escalate actions
  • Track the cost of Corrective actions
  • Monitor progress of actions through a full audit trail
  • Extensive reporting dashboard

Typical Business Benefits

Reporting will simply tell you where there is a problem, Business Planning is the system that enables you to overcome it and to track if the new ideas and operational activities are being successful or not.

  • Help your organisation increase focus on the implementation of high priority agreed tasks and actions
  • Implement recommendations from audit and incident reports, providing further assurance to the Board
  • Assure that key projects and programmes are delivered on time, on budget
  • Ensure teams and individuals don’t miss deadlines
  • Enable on line collaboration on actions to enable faster decision making
  • Record actions and all related materials in a single environment over time


  • Station Service Plan

    Station Service Plan

  • Team Action Tracker

    Team Action Tracker

  • My Portal

    My Portal

  • Station Service Plan
  • Team Action Tracker
  • My Portal

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