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Our customers candidly want to deliver outstanding care.

InPhase dramatically reduces the pain of governance and compliance, delivering real time assurance that the organisation is being well led and is operationally efficient.

  • Drive quality improvement
  • Promote openness. Give teams confidence they are providing high quality care
  • Create a performance culture
  • Improve your communication, governance and leadership culture

So, who buys InPhase?

Here is a brief guide on the Rockstars who want to reduce governance and compliance pains and improve the performance of their organisations.

Continuous improvement your way

Highly regulated industries that want to take the pain out of regulation.

  • Businesses that want to deliver high quality and compliance with standards for their customers
  • Organisations that want people to receive clear, concise easy instructions on what to do when.
“Accessibility of information is light years away from how it was before and literally anyone can use the system, it’s that simple. We have much greater content, with dramatically more depth and breadth and information is much timelier. Decisions we make now are faster and have a greater impact."
Photo of matthew walters

Matthew Walters

Principal Policy Officer – Derbyshire County Council

Be brilliant. Be better.

Rockstar Managers who want to genuinely make a difference to their businesses.

Those who want to maintain the status quo do nothing! Modern dynamic change agents who want to drive performance improvements and better assurance across the business ALWAYS choose InPhase.
  • Businesses with remote workers or international collaboration who need to make the most of their people’s time and effort, retaining or creating a company culture.
  • Organisations that want enthusiastic teams contributing to joint outcomes and goals and compliance
  • Organisations that want to embed continuous improvement
  • Businesses that need agility including the ability to adapt quickly and realign teams to new approaches, or outcomes.
photo of a team huddle

Business management for change

The culture and transformation agent.

  • Trusts and bodies experiencing higher than normal levels of change either by design or accident and need to retain or implement a performance culture
  • Businesses who want a sense of being “in it together”, no matter when or where teams are working
  • Any business who understands that purpose paves the path to success, and dares to lead
Photo of a woman presenting post-it notes in a planning meeting
"InPhase's data import and field mapping process is one of the easiest we have used to upload performance information or to make changes to existing data”
East lothian council logo

Gary Stewart

Policy Officer - East Lothian Council

Automate getting work done

Organisations that need to be prepared.

  • Organisations that want to be best prepared for a crisis
  • Any regulated body that uses SOP’s, audits or needs to deliver a minimum level of operating performance.
"We have seen individuals and service areas utilise the system more effectively in decision making, using the system to manage risk and being more proactive in terms of managing that risk.”
Photo of paul flint

Paul Flint

Senior Performance Management Officer – Newport City Council

Software to create a better culture

Businesses that care about their teams - and their outcomes.

  • Organisations that want to create an inclusive culture of teamwork and being in it together
  • Any business who wants to show their people they care about them and are vested in joint success.
  • Enterprises that want to standardise their approach to management, but encourage innovation and modernisation.
Two people looking at a laptop comparing notes

Organisations are recognising that the workplace is changing, culturally and logistically.

Governance, assurance and compliance doesn’t need to be old fashioned or a bore!

Don't waste any more time, speak to the team.