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InPhase is wonderfully flexible to your individual needs, resources and timescales. You can deploy the solution solve your issues, in a way that suits you.




"Some of the things that were really important to us were rapid implementation, and also for the system to be user friendly, and so we felt InPhase ticked those boxes, so that is why we went with that platform".
Photo of emma carvell

Emma Carvell

Clinical Programme Manager (SAFE) - Wirral Community NHS Trust


Plenty already in the box.

You have a whole host of capabilities as soon as you turn the system on.
Out of the box, every InPhase implementation delivers awesomeness to ensure maximum compliance, cultivate engagement and reduce duplicated data and processes.
Just log in and get going with
  • Personalised portals
  • Hundreds of popular Heath or Regulated Body Reports
  • Organisational Structures
  • Personal Actions
  • Time sheets
  • ...and lots more!
Example of the InPhase out-the-box personal portal


Add in the collective power of InPhase.

Want to accelerate your journey? Find the pre built Apps and Boosts that work for you.

Your opportunity to leverage fast and easy ways to embed specialist knowledge and IPR from InPhase, Partners and even other customers into simple and easy-to-use out-of-the-box solutions.

Loaded at any time in your performance improvement journey, the Apps are an even faster shortcut to brilliance.

As specialists in Health and Regulated Industries, many Apps, including the market leading Oversight Health Solution, specific to your unique needs are available.

InPhase is already loaded with loads of amazing reports and personalisation ready to go. On boarding is simple and easy and you can add apps at any time.

Of course, you can also build your own and share in the App Marketplace.

Illustration of the InPhase apps all connected


Want to create your view of the world your way?

Want to accelerate your journey? Find the pre built Apps and Boosts that work for you.

With the InPhase Designer Platform, you will be in charge of your own user interface, methodologies and structures. Changes can be made in minutes, always by you the report creator, and you can even control what level of customisation and power your end users can have too.

We’ll help you as much or as little as you desire, but rest assured the tool is not only easy, but fun to use as well

Example of the InPhase drag and drop editor

"The implementation in Ceredigion of InPhase was very simple and intuitive, the objects the measures and the tasks integrated nicely, and the risks and the projects complemented the framework we were building."

John Dyer

Database Development Officer – Ceredigion County Council

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