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Wirral Community Health and Care NHS Foundation Trust

Located in Wirral in North West England, providing high-quality primary, community and social care services to the population of Wirral and Cheshire East. Playing a key role in the local health and social care economy as a high-performing organisation with an excellent clinical reputation.

We interviewed Emma Carvell, Clinical Programme Manager (SAFE) about implementing InPhase oversight as an assurance framework, facilitating the organisations’ change and driving quality improvements for auditing, governance and CQC.

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Emma Carvell - Clinical Programme Manager (SAFE)
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InPhase Usage Results:

"’s user friendly, so it’s easy for people to be able to look at to navigate around. It is a very intuitive system, and its visible to everybody."

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What does the Wirral Community NHS Trust use InPhase for?

First of all, we use the InPhase platform as an assurance framework, so we have a bespoke name within our organisation called SAFE which stands for Standard Assurance Framework Excellence. So within that SAFE has functionality, to support us with our policy management, our management of NICE guide lines, CQC self-assessment and fundamental standards, and lots lot’s more, it’s got dash boards which can show team performance, so it enables feedback to teams around performance and quality measures.

Why did you choose InPhaseOversight?

We choose the InPhase platform for a number of reasons really, because in making the decisions, the exec team did have a number of options that they could have gone with. But some of the things that were really important to us was rapid implementation, and also for the system to be user friendly, and so we felt InPhase ticked those boxes, so that is why we went with that platform.

Who will be able to use the system?

In terms of the area of the organisation that use InPhase, basically anybody within the organisation everybody is within scope. We want this to be a platform that is accessible to everybody, it’s user friendly, so it’s easy for people to be able to look at to navigate around. It is a very intuitive system, and its visible to everybody.

How have you found your implementation so far?

Our implementation process has been a huge learning curve, which has been a good thing, because I think it’s something that we have made sure we have got the data right. Going forward for any other sort of implementation, we have learnt a lot, so it’s the quality of the data that has got across, perhaps it was an exercise we needed to do. Because we now we are in a situation now that the information that is on SAFE is almost has clean as it can be, so that is only going to support us going forward.

What are your next steps with InPhase?

In terms of next steps there has been a lot of excitement and positivity generated around the use of SAFE and the InPhase tool. Which has meant that lots and lots of people from different services across the organisation are coming with ideas of how SAFE or how InPhase tool can help them. So, for example infection prevention control audits, clinical audits, it’s a tool that will really provide that assurance for individuals, services, and the organisation as a whole. So, going forward I think it’s just the start of our InPhase journey.

Wirral Community Health and Care NHS Foundation Trust

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Find out how Wirral Community Health & Care NHS Foundation Trust transformed their quality and performance measures and nurtured a positive cultural change, thanks to InPhase.

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