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The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust

The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust, located in the west midlands (formerly Royal Wolverhampton Hospitals NHS Trust) runs New Cross Hospital and West Park Rehabilitation Hospital in Wolverhampton and Cannock Chase Hospital in Cannock.

Quality and safety assurance has always been a priority at RWH. Learn how disparate data from numerous systems and spreadsheets have been rapidly brought together to create improved governance and assurance both at the board level and at front line level with dashboards which integrate qualitative and quantitative data to ensure the full picture is always in focus.

Yvonne Higgins - Deputy Chief Nurse

A message from the trust:

"..we've had really positive user feedback, ward managers really like it. It saves them time and they've got all their data in one place. It's driven some really healthy competition between wards."

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With quality and safety assurance as a top priority for Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust, the implementation of InPhase enabled them to build nursing quality dashboards designed to support Trust staff at any level in using selective data sets relating to the quality of care.

InPhase was lucky enough to hear from Yvonne Higgins, Deputy Chief Nurse at Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust, who began explaining the rationale behind choosing InPhase and what it allowed their data to become.

“We did not use our data as effectively as we could, and what this InPhase dashboard helps us to do is correlate all our data and triangulate our data to give us a better picture, so we can identify the areas we really need to focus on and improve.”

“[InPhase] enables us to drill down to specific Ward areas, but we can also see everything about the trust division and our director level as well, so we really know how we are doing and where we need to improve and areas where we are doing well, so we can celebrate its success. So overall, it really does give us increased transparency across the organisation because we are putting all our resources into one.”

Through InPhase’s integrated dashboards, they were able to take disparate data from multiple sources and created one place, one system and one truth for complete governance and assurance from ward to board. The nursing quality dashboards take qualitative and quantitative data and present them clearly and visually to ensure the full picture is always in focus. InPhase implementation amplified the potential of their data and provides the oversight that they need for continuous quality and improvement.

After discussing the reasons behind the implementation of InPhase and the goals which the Trust wished to achieve with it, Yvonne then shared the benefits of a single system for quality oversight.

“By having all the available data in one place, it will enable us to measure how we are doing, identify areas of best practice and where we can drive up improvement. All this to provide a higher quality of care for our patients.”

“Ward Managers like it because everything is in one place, so they have all their workforce data, their budgets, their sickness, vacancies, their mandatory training will be in the same dashboard as all their other indicators, so this includes their patient data.”

As we can see from Yvonne’s comments, a single system that correlates all data and eliminates the need for staff to manually pull data from multiple sources, they can quickly and easily identify key areas of excellence and where improvements are necessary. This saves vast amounts of time for users as well as maximises their data usage and ensures that valuable and scarce resources are focused on the most impactful areas.

InPhase was instrumental in supporting quality and safety for patients during the Covid-19 pandemic for RWH. Yvonne told us:

“InPhase has been invaluable. I am sure everybody is aware of the latest guidance to open additional capacity in the second wave, with indicators for the extra capacity wards we are opening. So very quickly we have been able to put those wards on the InPhase dashboard and we can clearly capture the workforce within those areas and the audit data within those areas. We will have that in our dashboard so we can see where we are. And if CQC wants to see our data, we have it captured. Also, in the pandemic, our infection prevention data and environment data are available to all. So, when we are doing any meetings, we are using the InPhase dashboard to look at hygiene levels and environmental audit within those areas as well, so it’s been really helpful actually.”

Through triangulation of data, quick and easy, time-saving user interfaces and visual, real-time reporting, Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust can save vast amounts of time inputting, manually collating and analysing data, provide complete, robust assurance from ward to board and rely on responsive technology in their commitment to quality and patient safety.

We would like to thank Yvonne Higgins for taking the time to discuss Royal Wolverhampton’s experience with InPhase. Everyone here at InPhase is excited to continue to support Royal Wolverhampton Hospital whilst they provide excellent quality patient care and safety.

The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust

Exploring the benefits around combining data from numerous sources rapidly to create an improved governace and assurance framework for the board and front line staff.

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