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The Regenda Group

The Regenda Group own or manage around 13,000 properties across the North West, including social rented housing, housing for older people, supported housing, private rented property, shared ownership and housing for sale.

We interviewed Craig Round, Business Analyst at The Regenda Group, telling us why they purchased InPhase, the benefits they're getting from it and what benefits they see in the future.

Craig Round - Business Analyst
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InPhase Usage Results:

"..give us that savings throughout the organisation from a resource and from a cash point benefit as well."

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Why did Regenda purchase InPhase?

We bought it from the adaptable point of view from a platform. We have one display model rather the multiple sources within the organisation, and it allows us to be standard within what we are doing for performance management to management reporting.

What are you currently using InPhase for? What else do you plan to use it for in the future?

We are working on it for performance management, we are looking at implementing it for various different other areas, we have got value for money. We have assets and liability register, and we are looking at all the other different sections and services which need other apps to be included within the other apps area of the system.

What benefits are you currently getting with InPhase? What benefits do you see in the future?

We are currently implementing the model, we are expecting that we have got quite a lot of financial savings within the systems we have available to us, currently InPhase will give us that one view and one licence cost.

But also, it will give us a continuous platform for performance and hopefully give us that savings throughout the organisation from a resource and from a cash point benefit as well.