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East of England Ambulance Service

East of England Ambulance Service (EEAST) provides 24/7 accident and emergency services to those in need of emergency medical transport for Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Essex, Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire. The area is made up of around 6.2 million people, 15 Care Commissioning Groups and 17 acute Trusts.

With over 4,000 999 calls per day, 387 front-line ambulances, 178 rapid-response vehicles, 175 non-emergency ambulances, 4,000 staff and 800 volunteers, EEAST have a vast amount of ground to cover and services to organise, deploy and ensure a standard of quality across.

Natalie Mudge, Head of Compliance at East of England Ambulance Service

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“The InPhase Team were very responsive to changes that we required, which was really helpful.”

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Quality of care and service is a priority for EEAST and the implementation of InPhase has supported them in ensuring a standard of quality through all the levels of their service and provides a robust level of assurance to the board that this standard is being met. With the high number of emergency responders under the EEAST umbrella, combined with several ICB areas their service caters for, it’s vital that they have a system in place that can work within that complexity and be scalable to grow with them. As well as this, it’s also crucial that all service providers are delivering high-quality care, not just for patients, but also for assurance to CQC inspectors and for the organisation’s key quality measures.

With Oversight from InPhase, managing CQC self-assessments became quicker, easier and more assured. Oversight provides one, integrated solution across all areas of an organisation to create one version of the truth that is deployed to staff at all levels and presented in their frame of reference.

For EEAST, this means that everyone knows what actions they need to take in alignment with the organisation’s overall key quality measures. They are also able to utilise the customisable question manager feature, adapt the CQC themes and include questions that are more meaningful to their operational teams.

Oversight from InPhase is fully configurable and adaptable to suit an organisation’s specific requirements. EEAST required the migration of data from their legacy systems for full oversight of things they worked on previously and to eliminate the need to run legacy systems in the background for access to information.

“We imported all of our data that we had in our previous software system, including all of our commentary, everything, all in. We worked quite closely with the InPhase team.” - Natalie Mudge

“The InPhase Team were very responsive to changes that we required, which was really helpful.” - Natalie Mudge

InPhase’s team of experts worked alongside EEAST, configuring our range of out-of-the-box apps creating a custom system to suit their specific needs. As part of the InPhase community, you get dedicated support throughout the implementation process and your lifetime using InPhase.

EEAST produced short training videos to share with their teams to guide them through the use of the new system. However, Oversight is incredibly intuitive, meaning little training is needed to use it. It’s user-friendly, easy to use and responsive across any device. As the system is web-based, any staff member at any level can access data from desktop, tablet or smartphone using a single log on to manage their own care quality actions.

Now, using their new system with clear, visual and real-time, reporting, they felt more prepared for the returning CQC inspectors. With the system’s integration capabilities and the triangulation of performance data against other key care quality information, Oversight creates a single version of the truth for all users to ensure a standard of quality across the organisation, enabling EEAST to get robust and reliable assurance and more informed improvement plans in place.

For more information on how Oversight can support your Trust or organisation’s commitment to quality, schedule your time with one of our experts today.

East of England Ambulance

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Find out how EEAST deployed a quality assurance framework for 4,000 staff across a trust that covers 6 counties.

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