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Written Customer Story

County Durham & Darlington NHS Foundation Trust

County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust are one of the largest integrated organisations in the country, providing hospital and community services to a population of over 650,000. With a workforce of over 7,000 colleagues. They provide hospital services from two acute sites as well as over 80 other community based settings and providng care in patients' homes.

InPhase had the pleasure of hosting Warren Edge, Senior Associate Director of Assurance and Compliance for County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust, leading corporate and clinical governance for the Trust, as a presenter at our Annual Customer User Group event in November of 2021 to discuss how the Trust is using InPhase Oversight to support them in their commitment to quality and improvement.

InPhase Usage Results:

"So it doesn’t matter whether you’re a ward sister or the director of nursing you can see one version of the truth and one set of quality measures."

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We wanted to know the trigger for looking for a new system to manage quality, compliance, and improvement. Warren told us:

“We were in a position about 18 months ago, before we did this, where our operating divisions and our care groups used to say that they struggled to get access to good quality data. They got some of the data sources in different ways at different times, not in one place, not being able to look at it all, and not being able to drill into it and to make enquiries of it to get further information.

“What we were looking to do was build intelligence from disparate data systems to allow our clinical and nursing leaders at all levels to understand the quality that their teams are providing. Where it’s great and when to celebrate it and to understand where it’s not what we want it to be and where we want to focus and drive improvement.

“So that’s really the ambition behind the system: you can get into it and with a couple of clicks if you only want ward level data or team level data you can go in at that level. We’ve set up the dashboard so you can quickly find out if you want to where the exceptions are, or you can take your time looking at a particular quality theme and understand that in more detail.”

As we can see from Warren’s goals, understanding triangulated data analysis is crucial to the understanding of quality and to improve. County Durham and Darlington required one place to analyse combinations of data to see their comprehensive picture of quality. With Oversight from InPhase, you can quickly triangulate data, clearly and visually, from any of InPhase’s 20 state-of-the-art health apps or other vendor’s systems. InPhase makes quality management and analysis effortless and efficient, providing clear, visual and robust assurance from ward to board.

In addition, we wanted to know what it was about InPhase that inspired the procurement and implementation of the system throughout the Trust.

Warren told us:

“The system produces, which is something that I have wanted for about eight years since I joined the Trust, a ‘heat map’ which can actually show you, for all wards or teams in an operating division, what the picture is across all the quality indicators for that ward in any month. Just to be able to have all of the quality indicators together to understand if there’s been a particular issue in that month as opposed to understanding this quality indicator over here or that quality indicator over there when it’s hard to draw it together is really useful. And we’ve got the ability to really mine Perfect Ward data now, so our Quality Committee has started to go to town on it.

“What they’ve always wanted in the past is to know how many audits are being undertaken, what the results are, where any of the standards are flagging for more attention in a particular ward or team. But now they’ve also asked what the actual questions are that we’re asking and what results are we getting for individual questions. We could not have answered that without the development that we have in InPhase.”

Through integration across all InPhase apps and health systems from other suppliers, including Datix, Perfect Ward, EPR, data warehouses and many others, staff can see areas for quality improvement, completely aligned with quality measures to clearly see where the most impactful use of their time will be. InPhase Oversight is helping transform the digital landscape of County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust, supporting their commitment to quality, assurance and continuous improvement.

InPhase would like to thank County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust for partnering with us to achieve their quality and assurance goals and Warren Edge for providing great insight into his implementation and transformation with InPhase.

Talk to one of our experts for more information on Quality Oversight from InPhase and how it can support your Trust and begin its own movement towards commitment to quality and improvement.

County Durham and Darlington NHS FoundationTrust

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Waren Edge at County Durham and Darlington NHS Trust discusses how the Trust is using InPhase Oversight to support them in their commitment to quality and improvement

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