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County Durham & Darlington NHS Foundation Trust

County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust are one of the largest integrated organisations in the country, providing hospital and community services to a population of over 650,000. With a workforce of over 7,000 colleagues. They provide hospital services from two acute sites as well as over 80 other community based settings and providng care in patients' homes.

Learn why County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust chose to procure and implement a platform like InPhaseOversight, despite the pressures of the pandemic, what they are aiming to achieve, how they are rolling out the platform and the outcomes achieved so far.

Emma Carter - Head of Assurance & Governance, County Durham & Darlington NHS Foundation Trust

InPhase Usage Results:

" all levels we understand our data, we've got it in one place and we are assured that we are acting as we should be on that information."

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County Durham and Darlington were looking for a fast, easy-to-use system with the ability to build quality dashboards to support them with their performance management and auditing processes. More importantly, they needed one single repository for all their data to enable complete oversight.

“We decided to move forward with this, as for some time, we’ve been looking for a solution that will allow us to build a “ward to board” dashboard. […] “It’s really hard with the individual reports to be able to see the full picture. So, we were really looking for a solution that allowed us to see exactly the same data, from ward to board, in one place that people could access and have the same conversation about the same information, so essentially, we’ve got one version of the truth that we can all understand and have a conversation about.”

Through triangulation of Audit, NICE Guidance and policies, County Durham and Darlington were able to create one single integrated solution with the data presented in quality dashboards that enable them to understand, pull together and analyse all key quality metrics for the organisation.

It was key for County Durham and Darlington to have full support of the Cloud, an integrated system and a single log in. This allows staff at all levels to access data without having to manually pull data from multiple sources, resulting in considerable time-saving.

“We’re focusing in at the ward level, so the ward managers have that opportunity to explore the data, to provide their commentary on what they’re doing and really showcase some of the work they’re doing,” Emma added. “This then feeds up through the structure to speciality and care group, so we’re only having one conversation about the information, and it’s all in one place.”

By having complete oversight of the organisation in one single system, County Durham and Darlington can provide robust and reliable assurance at the executive and non-executive levels. Hence, they can understand the quality of care across the Trust. They can also create actions using audit results in alignment with NICE Guidance and policy to ensure their time is spent in the most impactful areas.

“So that’s really the key outcome that we’re looking for - that at all levels, we understand our data, we’ve got it in one place, and we are assured that we are acting as we should be on that information.”

“We see it as the key tool we’ll use as part of our quality improvement programme. The timing is actually really good for us because we are just due to refresh our quality strategy this coming year, so we can really use the insight that the system is giving us.

“Then looking longer term, we want to develop more speciality-specific information in there because we’ve gone very core information at the moment to develop things like maternity dashboards and workforce reporting. Then to develop over time a fully integrated system so that we’ve got our performance and finance metrics in there as well.”

County Durham and Darlington will continue to use InPhase to support them in their quality management and provide complete assurance at all levels. Through the implementation of InPhase, and having one, single repository for all their data, they were able to create one version of the truth to make more informed, faster decisions, save crucial clinical time and keep all staff members on track working towards the same goals As well as this, they created at-a-glance quality dashboards with triangulation of audits, NICE guidance and policy that present data clearly for the best analysis and insight into past, current and projected future performance.

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