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Circle Health

Circle Health Group acquired BMI, making it the UK’s largest group of private hospitals, that prioritise patient experience, clinical excellence and peaceful surroundings to make a patient’s hospital stay as calm and effective as possible.

As part of our IPC webinar, Cody Long showed us how they have implemented a standardised approach to conducting quality audits, reviewing outcomes and tracking improvements across 55 hospitals at speed and at scale.

Cody Long - Head of Quality Assurance & Assessment

A message from Circle:

"..our quality assessments that circle have been doing for many years needed to continue and be responsive.. we needed to work with an organisation that could do that and work at the same speed as us, which was InPhase."

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Case Study

With patient experience at the forefront, quality management is key. Speed, ease of use and consistency are of the essence. So, what was the pivotal moment that made Circle Health look toward InPhase for a new digital system?

“This year, we needed a system that was intuitive, easy to use and could adapt to quick changes as we do in Circle. We did review other systems, and then we did a pilot of InPhase in our Bath hospital in February 2020.

[InPhase] was our preferred system, and the pilot was really successful. So, when the acquisition was approved, we could move really fast with InPhase. We kept in communication with them, we prepped them, and we told them what was coming down the line. So, once it was ready to go, we were all ready to go.”

Circle was looking for a quick and simplified way to create, deploy and conduct standardised quality audits, measure results against key quality indicators and create related actions with immediate effect to maintain and exceed their patient experience goals across the 55 hospitals in their domain.

With such a vast number of hospitals, we wanted to know why InPhase was the right choice and how we could support them in such a monumental task. Cody told us:

“So, real-time. That’s the big buzzword for us - real-time assurance for the site, for the region and for the group, and ultimately the board.

It's really useful throughout the day to see the updates coming into the system and it enables us to direct the assessors to areas that we want to triangulate or areas that we've seen a theme coming across, and we can do that in real-time, rather than waiting two or three days later when we've collated everybody's notes together. So, for us, overseeing the assessment, that's really key.

Multi-user access was a big requirement for Circle. So, if we were to use Excel, only one person could edit the Excel spreadsheet at a time. And lastly, we're using 365 but we weren't at the time. So multi-user access so that everybody can import into the system at the same time was a key element for us choosing InPhase.

In order to continue to do that, we needed to work with a responsive organisation, which was InPhase. They need to be able to move at the same speed as us, which you have done."

With InPhase, speed, efficiency and effectiveness are a priority. We believe technology should support users, not slow them down. Quickly triangulate data, clearly and visually, from any of InPhase’s 20 state-of-the-art health apps or other vendor systems for complete assurance from ward to board. Create, monitor and complete actions that are aligned with wider improvement goals and key quality indicators for the most impactful use of resources. Enjoy complete responsiveness on mobile, tablet or desktop for uninhibited access anywhere at any time.

InPhase would like to extend our thanks to Circle Health for making us their digital system of choice and to Cody Long for sharing Circle’s experience. We look forward to seeing Circle continue to succeed and are honoured to be in partnership with them.

For more information on how InPhase can transform the digital landscape of your Trust, schedule time with one of our experts today.

Circle Healthcare Group

Find out how Circle Healthcare Group have implemented a standardised approach to conducting quality audits, reviewing outcomes and tracking improvements across 55 hospitals at speed and at scale.

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